Potential Mail Lockout for Months or Strike @ Canada Post

Potential Mail Lockout for Months or Strike @ Canada Post

You may have noticed your utility providers emailing you to warn you about the possible disruptions in the postal service. Life is about to get a little more complicated. As of July 2nd, Canada Post may very well have a work stoppage. We are unsure at the time if that means they will have a total lockout, or if our mail services will just be delayed.

This work stoppage will affect 40,000 Canada Post employees including both the rural and urban delivery personnel. It is possible anytime on or after July 2nd. At that point, they could stop deliveries altogether, or things could be seriously delayed. That means if we purchase anything online, we should be sure that it is FedEx or UPS shipped for the next little while - or we may not receive it for quite a length of time.

I know I have recently received emails from Bell and my other utility providers reminding me to pay paperless as my bill may not be received in a reasonable amount of time. No bills? Yay! Not. This could last months!

So far it looks like some retailers will be switching from using Canada Post, to ensure that we receive our purchases in a timely manner. We already know that Amazon does not always use Canada Post - and there are other retailers who will have temporary shipping fixes. Do you know of any other retailers that do not ship via Canada Post?

We will definitely keep you guys posted when new shipping information does become available. If we know a retailer ships via Canada Post, we will disclose that so you are well aware that your purchase will take an extended amount of time to arrive.

How does this Canada Post issue affect you and your family?


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  • dilbert1977

    oh no, how will I get my pizza flyers and fast food coupons that go straight into the recycling.

    I joke, but this is not good for those who rely on them for bills, other items.

    • Catmom52

      Ppl can create a free epost acct on epost.ca to have their bills all online that's how I get my bills it's free you can setup notifications

    • Brenda D.

      Canada Post is not going on strike, but they may be locked out as of July 2, 2016. Just like 2011.

      • Suzi J.

        Well I'm about to mail a sympathy letter, my sons disability forms. My hydro discount. And waiting for a return slip, oh and my insurance papers for my sons glasses. Yes this could be bad

        • Suzi J.

          And I need to mail a parcel Better move my butt!!

          • Dawn F.

            Geez i guess i wont get a hydro bill.

            • Lynne P.

              no, but they'll still expect you to pay it, whether you have a paper bill or not.

              • Laura D.

                You can call and find out how much you owe. You can go make an online account. Easy.

              • Sylvie C.

                No they ARE going on strike

                • JoJo G.

                  We are being locked out . Please get your facts straight before commenting. Thx

                  • Laura D.

                    They're being locked out.

                    • Stephanie H.

                      What does that mean? They refusing pay?

                      • JoJo G.

                        No it means the corporation is locking their doors on us. So we can't work.

                        • Michele M.

                          The employer has cut off their benefits and are probably going to lock them out

                        • Jessica B.

                          They wonder why they lose money. Not to mention some carriers they have suck

                          • Susan U.

                            They don't lose money

                            • Susan U.

                              And before someone say it, we are not a burden on tax payers or paid from taxes. Canada post has posted profits 18 of the last 20 years

                              • Jessica B.

                                Yes but the last strike the cried how much they lost. People will find alternate ways an not go back

                                • Heather B.

                                  Lockout is not a strike! This is Canada Post doing this.

                                  • Heather B.

                                    Last one was a lock out as well. They are making LOTS of $$$. It's called CORPORATE GREED

                                  • Bobbi V.

                                    that won't affect things to much as how many people rely on mail anymore It just means I may not get my bills so that is just fine with me! It will not have an affect like it would have back in the day!

                                    • Tracy D.

                                      Bills are due regardless if you get a bill or not support local full time jobs!

                                      • Bobbi V.

                                        no kidding did you not see the lol

                                      • Ferne R.

                                        They have to Bargain in good faith on Both Sides. Canada post is not losing money and Carriers work in all types of weather and do their jobs with the tools they have. So anyone who moans and groans, try their job for a week in the bitter cold of January and then tell me why they should not get a fair deal.

                                        • Laura D.

                                          Exactly. I have a friend who is a postman and he works freaking hard! Also, who wouldn't take a well paying job? If anyone had a chance to make more money, they'd take it.

                                          • Ruby M.

                                            I couldn't do their job. Kudos to them

                                            • Tracy D.

                                              Thank you :) someone who understands

                                              • Diane S.

                                                I tried it and couldn't do it .. So unless you have done their job you have no idea .. They work damn hard in awful weather and they are not asking for anything but no roll backs .. That means don't take away what they already have for benefits etc

                                              • Vincenza B.

                                                Not again!

                                                • Laura D.

                                                  5 years goes by fast I guess.

                                                • Jessica B.

                                                  Considering I have ordered quite a bit online in the past few weeks, this is not good. Let's just hope my things get here before my baby is born.

                                                  • Hollie M.

                                                    Yeah it will effect me my prescriptions are through a Express Scripts that get mailed out priority service

                                                    • Raynee L.

                                                      That's why forcing people to use a mail order pharmacy is ludicrous. Let people stay with their pharmacy of choice. I'm sure your pharmacy will make other arrangements or will allow you to fill your prescriptions at a local pharmacy if the lock out happens. If not, then they don't care

                                                    • Crista C.

                                                      Doesn't matter to me!

                                                      • Rosie B.

                                                        People still get mail?

                                                        • Susan U.

                                                          Government cheques will be delivered by carriers though they may be delayed depending on how how it's arranged. Wording is a couple of days a month, carriers will get paid an honorarium which they are encouraged to donate.

                                                        • Julia S.

                                                          Should be an essential service.

                                                          • Marlene S.

                                                            They are hiring scabs.

                                                            • Robbyn S.

                                                              Has this been posted somewhere? Or just rumours?

                                                              • Marlene S.

                                                                No it was posted in a help wanted ad. If I find which friend posted it I'll share it

                                                              • Sue M.

                                                                Not at all

                                                                • James R.

                                                                  A few months ago they where worried about there jobs now they are striking? Makes sense in the world we live in. I have not used Canada post in years.

                                                                  • Susan U.

                                                                    No we might be locked out CP has forced a strike vote by their action, we are still bargaining

                                                                    • Cindy S.

                                                                      Employees were not the problem it the company.

                                                                      • James R.

                                                                        If that is true you guys should educated the public as to what is happening.!

                                                                        • Reeni S.

                                                                          James Riley they try, however the people up high have more power and money to get out what they want the public to hear.

                                                                        • Bernice C.

                                                                          Yay!!! No more junk mail in my mailbox!

                                                                          • Bljdomino8-

                                                                            We are going to be locked out ...after July 2 , I am absolutely sick and tired of all the press and social media telling lies! People and the government not doing a damb thing. This means for me no pay check  while our CEO makes more than our prime minister . This is my livelihood people Everyone always has something to say ... I just want to go to work do my job and go home . I guess that's too much to ask!

                                                                            • youngmc

                                                                              I'm really sorry for you to go through this. It's exactly what you said...the big guys will still get their cheques plus the top ones in the union. Wishing for a quick turnaround of events!

                                                                              • BarbW

                                                                                I totally understand how you feel as my husband and I both work there.....so that means absolutely no pay cheques coming into this household.