Please Help Me Out By Voting On Bargains

Please Help Me Out By Voting On Bargains


Sorry to bother you guys with boring blog stuff, but I just wanted to do a little reminder post about voting on deal posts.

When you are viewing a deal on the Bargainmoose blog, you can see that there are a few little moose heads towards the bottom of each post - the "moose rating". Using these, you can leave a vote for a deal, giving it a rating out of 5. One quick click lets me know how much you like the deal - which helps me decide on good deals to post in the future, knowing what you guys like best.

What sort of deals do you enjoy seeing on Bargainmoose? Feel free to comment below. :)



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  • brenda
    I love all the freebies!
    • MissKitty_79
      I am especially fond of freebies, as well as links to coupons & the occasional sale that includes free shipping! :)
      • Crystal
        Anything that is free is great so thanks for aa the info.
        • cher s.
          sorry for not voting anna! i usually just read the post thru my email! btw... i'm a freebie (inc. free shipping!) lover too!
          • Steven
            Hi Anna! I too read the posts via email, but I almost always add comments on those offers that I take advantage of online. However, I completely overlooked the Moose ratings in all this time subscribed to your blog...shame on me :) I promise to do better next time :)
            • Anna
              Thanks guys :) I realise that I have a lot of people who only read the email alerts... but if you happen to be on the site and can spare a second to vote, it's much appreciated.
              • Dora
                I'm sure you've already looked into this, and found no solution... but if you could find some way to make the voting possible by e-mail, I'd definitely be able to do it on a frequent, regular basis! I'll do my best to go and vote every now and then, especially on ones I like! I'll go right now and vote on a few of my faves so far! I like freebies and free shipping deals too! I also appreciate when I learn about new or different companies I've never heard of before (e.g. Artscow); I also really like how you include lots of Canadian companies AND mention that they are Canadian... it's great to support our own when we can!
                • K.Y.
                  Sorry but let u know that some of your posted products are expired (when posted) or going to expire on the same day. I understand that these sales or promotion may not last long. But if you can separate another email or say something in the subject line regarding this "short notice sales". It will definitely get more and special attention to the readers or bargain moose hunters. Thanks :-)
                  • Anna
                    Hi K.Y. The emails are atuomatic and they only go out once per day. As there are short-lived hot bargains, if you are only reading them in the emails, you are probably going to miss out from time to time. I recommend that moosers check in on the site a few times a day to try and make sure they get all the good deals :) Freebies in particular seem to expire quite fast.