Payless Shoes To Close 500 Stores

Payless Shoes To Close 500 Stores

It is a very sad day. Today, Payless Shoes has announced in a statement that they can no longer compete against online retail giants like - and they are filing for bankruptcy. That being said, their plan for the very near future is to close up anywhere between 400 and 500 Payless Shoes retail stores across the world.

Payless Shoes does have over 4,400 different retail stores worldwide, but they are starting to close some of them up While I am sad to see them go, as they have provided my children with an infinity of affordable footwear options, it will mean that we can score some pretty spiffy closing-deal discounts in the coming weeks.

Their next step is to make some aggressive changes so they have a higher chance of competing with their online competitors.


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  • Heather D.

    Looks like just US stores?

    • Briley D.

      I read today it's only us stores closing?

      • Cristinaa

        doesn't surprise me, their quality is poor and prices are high in relation to said quality. 

        • Amber A.

          I also took a look at the store closures list, only saw US stores

          • Melissa S.

            Well you know what would help? Giving Canadians the ability to order from your website and having the items delivered to Canada! I would order all my shoes from Payless. The stores where I live have a very small selection of the size I wear.

            • Linda H.

              I agree with you--if only they had online ordering!

            • JanineR

              Does not affect Canadian Payless stores right? I read in the news it's only US and Puerto Rico?

              • sue1907

                Eeep - I have a gift card for there....!