Paw Patrol Live Tour is coming to Canada!

2 October 2016
Paw Patrol Live Tour is coming to Canada!

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Live Race to The Rescue is scheduled to visit 90 cities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, starting this October! The Canadian tour dates have been announced!

The Canadian Paw Patrol Live Race to The Rescue Tour Dates:

Get your tickets for the Canadian Paw Patrol Live Tour here.

The premise of the live show is that it's the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race between Adventure Bay's Mayor Goodway and Foggy Bottom's Mayor Humdinger. Mayor Goodway can't be found though, so the Paw Patrol gang heads out to find him as they race their way to the finish line.

You can also browse through the FAQ's of the tour!


  • Laura K.

    almost $300 for 3 tickets yikes

  • Viv S.

    oh noce !!! we need to take the kids

  • Krista W.

    How about some more shows in Canada?!?!?

  • KaylaS

    How do you search for tickets if no Canadian city dates have even been announced yet? Oh, and to appease those hard core kid fans, Mayor Goodway is a woman ;)

    • Joyhorn

      Toronto dates are posted. My search showed $175 for 3 tickets. 

  • Karen M.

    In Toronto in Feb. and $70. each!

  • KaylaS

    I need BC, if it's not listed I guess I'll have to wait to search... That's odd if they didn't post all the cities at once.

    • KaylaS

      The website is only showing me American city listings. I can't even see anything in Ontario.

  • Kajimadoushi

    Montreal please!

  • MissmomP2

    only seeing listings for the States. Where in Canada and when?  Is Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada in the tour dates?

  • Krysh

    ottawa or montreal or cornwall please! 

  • Cholmquist18

    Thunder Bay pls!

  • Cholmquist18

    Thunder Bay please

  • Roberts87

    La Ronge,Sk  or Prince Albert 

  • Sutibun

    Toronto is not Canada...

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