No More No Minimum Free Shipping @

No More No Minimum Free Shipping @


Oh noooo, Moosers, we have very sad news for you today! Walmart Canada has just announced that it will be discontinuing its free shipping no minimum policy. In a couple of days, you will need to spend over $50 when shopping online in order for your order to qualify for free shipping.

This means that gone are the days of ordering just one beauty item or just one baby pyjama on clearance.

If your order fails to reach over $50, then a standard $4.97 shipping charge will apply. To avoid this charge, we suggest that you pick up your order at your local Walmart store instead as pickup will continue to be free. The Greater Toronto Area also has Grab & Go lockers that you can utilize to avoid that pesky shipping fee.

A $50 minimum threshold is certainly a high one, especially since it's a jump from $0 but we can only hope that it will be lowered eventually. In a way, a minimum shipping charge does make sense given Canada Post's decision to cut back on home deliveries. This move must have raised shipping costs for stores like Walmart.

In any case, it's still very sad news and we suggest that if there is anything you need, to get it now while you still can as Walmart Canada hasn't announced an official day for the switch.

Moosers, do you shop a lot at How will this affect you?

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  • Tania
    As an avid Walmart online shopper, this news is extremely disappointing. I rarely have $50 in my cart when I place an order. The whole point of online shopping is to avoid going into the store, so having the option of free ship to store isn't a good alternative to me. I can only hope they will at least lower their minimum.
    • BrennanBones
      I have to wonder though. Because in the email it also says that we can pick it up at a Canada Post location, so if I'm understanding it correctly, no more free shipping under $50 to your house, but you -can- get the free shipping if you pick it up at the post office. If that's indeed the case, I don't mind it as much; I liked the convenience of having it on my porch when I came home, but I can go pick it up at the post office a few streets away as well. I wouldn't have it shipped to the store for pickup, considering the closest Walmart is half an hour away, one way. I'd spend more in time and gas than the $4.97 fee for under $50 if shipped to my house. But Canada Post pickup would be doable.
      • Maegan M.
        I live out in the middle of nowhere and I have already lost my free shipping as the free shipping was only to metropolitan areas. I hope that if I spend at least 50.00 I can get the free shipping again. However they had already lost a lot of my business to amazon.
        • Deb
          Not a good move - it certainly seems like a cash grab now target is gone and we will depend on them as the big chain store My business will go to Amazon