Nike Now Ships from within Canada! No Duties or Customs?! YAY!

Nike Now Ships from within Canada! No Duties or Customs?! YAY!


I have some exciting news, Moosers! Nike has officially launched their Canadian website - and now ship from within Canada. Isn't that exciting? Nike Canada has all sorts of shoes for men, women, boys and girls. You can even totally customize a pair of shoes for yourself, which might be the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your shopping list.

The shipping costs from the new Nike Canada website are actually quite reasonable. Shipping to urban or rural locations will take between 5 and 10 business days. The shipping rate is $10, or if you spend $250 or more then shipping is free. Yes, I know that minimum spend threshold is quite high, but I am sure we will keep our eyes peeled for free shipping events and other promotional offers of course.

Over on the Nike US website the shipping arrangements are a little different. Hopefully the NIKE+ program will be implemented on the Nike Canada website. NIKE+ members get free shipping on every order, every time. There isn't even an annual fee! That's pretty stellar if you ask me. At the Nike US website, non-members get free shipping on orders over $150 but then you also have to worry about being hit with customs and duties when your purchase arrives.

Right now I don't notice a clearance section on, but does have a clearance section so hopefully that is added to their Canadian website so we can hunt for great bargains. I know many Canadians love Nike, so I am very glad to hear that they decided to open up a Canadian-facing website and offer shipping to Canadians from Canada to avoid customs and duties when the order hits your door.

Whether you are in Canada or the US, you can customize a gift and give someone their very own totally unique pair of Nike shoes. This attracted me of course, I always love quirky items. So I had to explore the options of course. The prices are not too bad considering it is a custom item, but maybe in the future we will see some discounts or free shipping even. What do you think? For women, the prices start as low as $165 and go up to $460 before any customization. Let's customize one just for fun!


I selected the Nike Roshe One iD which starts at $165. There are plenty of options. You can pick different toe materials and colours, different overlays and heels, different Swoosh colours, lining colours, lace colours, sole colours, and you can even add a personalized heel ID! None of the customization options costed any extra, which actually surprised me. I am impressed with the options. Personally I would probably spend the $165 if shipping were included.

Moosers, are you excited about Nike offering a Canadian website?

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