Massive Dive Coaster Coming to Canada's Wonderland

Massive Dive Coaster Coming to Canada's Wonderland

A record-breaking rollercoaster is coming to Canada's Wonderland – and you can ride it next spring.

The Yukon Striker is set to be the longest, fastest and tallest dive rollercoaster out there. And if you're wondering what exactly a "dive coaster" is, well, it's just how it sounds.

The ride will lift you up a 75-metre track (245 feet in the air), pause for three seconds and then drop you – directly down – at 130 km/h.

Oh, and did I mention the entire the entire "train" is floorless? That way, you can see everything around you, including while the coaster takes you on a complete 360-degree loop (if your eyes are even open).

So if you can't wait until the spring and your first ride on the Yukon Striker, I have even more good news. To help celebrate National Rollercoaster Day, Canada's Wonderland is holding a weekend flash sale. If you order your 2019 Season Pass before Aug. 19, you'll receive a FREE Fall Fast Lane Plus and Unlimited Visits in 2018 and 2019!

Personally, I'm a little terrified at the thought, but it might be one of those things I have to try, just to say I did it. What do you think? Will you ride Yukon Striker?


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