NEW Hatchimals Mini Hatching Eggs This May!

NEW Hatchimals Mini Hatching Eggs This May!

Brace yourselves! Following the frenzy over Hatchimals this past December, we all knew that there would be a round 2. Is another Hatchimals craze about to begin? We will soon know. Spinmaster is releasing new Hatchimals Colleggtibles toys inspired by the infamous Hatchimals in stores this May.

The Colleggtibles are mini plastic creatures with glittery wings that live inside eggs with large purple hearts on them. While the original Hatchimals hatched on their own, Colleggtibles require your kids' assistance to hatch.

How do the eggs Hatch? Children rub the purple heart until it changes from purple to pink. Once the egg turns pink, they can crack open the egg and discover their own mystical animal-inspired creature.

It is reported that the first series of Colleggtibles will include 70 creatures, including several limited editions. Although Spinmaster is being tight-lipped, four different packages have been identified:

  • 2 pack including 2 Colleggtibles, 1 Nest and 1 map
  • 4 pack including 4 Colleggtibles and an unknown bonus
  • 1 pack including 1 Colleggtible
  • Mystery 2 pack with 2 Colleggtibles and Nest

It is reported that the Colleggtibles will retail for $2.99US for a single and $9.99US for the 4 pack and that they will be released on May 1st.

I know my kids will be wild for the new Colleggtibles and will spend all their allowance trying to get acquire the limited edition eggs. It is just too bad they weren't released in time for Easter. What about you? Will you be lining up for the new Colleggtibles?


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    • Chantelle A.

      Omg...Alexa would love these!

      • Robin M.

        A lot like littlest pet shop. Think we will stick with those. Much cuter

        • Anna R.

          Awe much more affordable and you can collect them all

          • Cyndi L.

            Guess they realized that no one wants to pay $80 for an hour of fun

            • Jocelyne L.

              . Omg there more. Lol