New Crayola Color Announced + You Can Name It

New Crayola Color Announced + You Can Name It

Bye Bye yellow and hello to a new hue. Drumroll please ...

The newest Crayola color is BLUE. And you can name it.

Last month we said goodbye to Dandelion yellow (and all my childhood memories. Sniff). Dandelion yellow is being replaced with a fresher brighter model and it is a bright electric blue.

In 2009, a chemistry professor discovered a new blue pigment called YInMn (yin-min). This is the first new blue discovered in 200 years. The new blue crayon color is inspired by this pigment.

To celebrate this bold blue, Crayola needs your help. The new blue crayon needs a name. Submit your ideas here and you will be entered for a chance to win a $100 Crayola prize pack. I am guessing that 'hair color mistake of 2002' won't be the winner. But maybe 'my kid colored my white duvet' has a chance.

What about you? Are you team yellow or blue?


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  • Norah M.

    "Bluey McBlueface" was already entered... guess I am out for good ideas... :joy: