McDonalds Happy Meals Now With Books Or Toys

McDonalds Happy Meals Now With Books Or Toys

Collecting Happy Meal toys is one of my kids' favorite treats. But now they will have a tough choice to make when they order a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Toy or Book?

McDonalds now gives kids the choice of a book or toy as the prize that accompanies their Happy Meals. Kids will be able to choose between two available books and the titles will be switched up every two months.

I am especially thrilled that the available titles will be Canadian. McDonalds Canada has partnered with Kids Can Press to provide these books and Available titles are rumoured to include Franklin the Turtle, Scaredy Squirrel, titles from the Life in the Wild series and the Dragon Safety Series.

I am proud that I would have been team book when I was a child. But I am not sure I will be able to convince my kids to pick a book instead of a Smurf toy. What about your kids? Will they be team book or toy?


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