LOL Surprise! Glitter Series is in Stock @ Chapters!

LOL Surprise! Glitter Series is in Stock @ Chapters!

It's been a long time coming, but LOL Surprise! Glitter Series dolls are finally back in stock at Chapters Indigo! They were listed as "Coming Soon" for what feels like months (but was probably more like a few weeks), but now you can scoop them up for $13.95 each!

These dolls are already sold out online at Toys R Us Canada, and Mastermind Toys, so I'd hurry if you're hoping to grab one or two before they're gone again at Chapters!

Each Little Surprise Tots ball (including the Glitter Series ones) contains seven different layers of surprises which give you hints about which doll you're going to get! does sell a LOL Surprise! Glitter Series 2-Pack for $31.25, but you still get a better deal if you buy two at Chapters (since that only runs you $27.90, and you get free shipping).

You're limited to 10 per customer at Chapters, but that means you could still probably pick up enough to fill loot bags if your kiddo has a birthday party coming up.

Orders over $25 ship free from Chapters, or you can ship your order to a store for free.


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