iPod Shuffle Winners: Please Read & Check if it is you!

iPod Shuffle Winners: Please Read & Check if it is you!

Firstly, to everyone who downloaded the Bargainmoose deals app and is still using it to keep up-to-date with all the deals - thanks! Following on from that, we've selected some random winners from our iPod Shuffle contest on Bargainmoose. There are 2 winners on Android, and 2 winners in iTunes. They are:


  • Dallard - Well done app version of the website. A complete experience.
  • Dzann72 - Thrilled to have an app for Bargain Moose! Have found so many good deals on the website so the app will be quicker and handier!!!


  • Shlee - Great app! I always forget to check the site so this definitely helps.
  • Claudia - Nice to get all messages listed, so easy to find stuff! Thanks!

Will the 4 Moosers please email us to claim your prize before the 28th January 2012. Just drop us a line and we will sort out your prizes.

Please note that we will be verifying the winners through iTunes or Android, to check that the correct people have responded.

Thanks everyone!


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