Ikea to Build 12 New Stores Across Canada - Beginning in Halifax!

Ikea to Build 12 New Stores Across Canada - Beginning in Halifax!


After nearly 40 years, Ikea is returning to Halifax, Nova Scotia! The Scandinavian furniture retailer is building 12 new stores across the country over the next decade - doubling the current number - and they're expecting to start construction in Halifax this summer. Despite the fact that their online sales have jumped 40% in the past year, Ikea believes customers are still drawn to their brick-and-mortar stores for ideas and inspiration.

I live in a medium-sized university town in southeastern Ontario and are constantly lamenting the fact that there is no Ikea here. Especially given all of the students! We're about two hours from the warehouse in Ottawa and 2.5 hours to the closest Toronto location, so we're lucky in that it's still fairly accessible. Hopefully the new warehouse will be centrally located and easily accessed by a large population. We've often wondered why Ikea hasn't snatched up more of Target's abandoned locations!

Speaking of Target, the very positive reaction to Ikea's announcement across social media included the tweet: “I hope this is a lifelong relationship, Ikea, and not just a one night stand like that jerk Target."

Ikea is also attempting to make online shopping easier and more convenient by opening five new pick-up and order points in Quebec City and four Ontario cities (London, St. Catharines, Whitby and Windsor). This is great news, too, because I think a lot of people that would purchase items from Ikea's website (myself included) simply don't, because the shipping fees can be exorbitant.

The best Twitter reaction of all sums it up perfectly; another blogger tweeted, “New IKEA store would open by the end of this year, but they’re having problems following the instructions to assemble it."

What do you think of the announcement, Moosers? Do you think your area needs an Ikea warehouse? Have you also avoided their online shopping due to shipping costs?


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  • Kelly
    I am about an hour and a half away from an Ikea warehouse, but my city recently was one who got a pick up store. Sadly, I don't think its doing so well as I heard a lot of negative feedback on social media regarding the $20 flat rate shipping fee. We have to pay this fee to go to the store and pick up our items. Great price if making a large or expensive purchase, but consumers here were livid about it and I think a lot have boycotted it. Apparently there was less than 50 people at their grand opening. I also live in a large University city and I think we could have carried a full Ikea store. I would have liked to have one here, but in the meantime I will keep making the drive to the warehouse.
    • Megan B.
      I had no idea they were charging for pick-up, that's crazy! You're right, you might as well spend the $20 in gas and go pick out the things you want in person. Oh, that's disappointing. Hopefully the backlash will result in some changes!
    • Sue
      2 words - Vancouver.Island. PLEASE???
      • Megan B.
        Start a campaign, Sue! ;)
      • Marg B.
        Moncton, known as the hub of the Maritimes, would have been a more central location than Halifax, a city IKEA failed in previously. In Moncton access wold have been virtually equal for all Maritimers, plus Americans in Maine.
        • Moe @.
          As someone who just came back from the Ottawa IKEA (tooooo many people) I would love to have one here. We alternate going to that one and the one in North York. This time I wanted a wardrobe which would have cost 300 to deliver. Um, no. I love the idea of a pick up in Whitby which is much closer but it's always nice to see the stuff in person and hello, Swedish meatballs. ;) We shall see!
          • Wendy
            Saskatchewan please! The closest are in Calgary and Winnipeg. Please, please, please!
            • Megan B.
              It will be interesting to see where they've decided. I can't believe there isn't one in the entire province of Saskatchewan! +1 to the Swedish meatballs! ;)
              • Kathie W.
                Every statutory holiday, IKEA offers free delivery on purchases made online that day, so do your research well in advance, and then, on Family Day (Feb 15, 2016 in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan; or Feb 8, 2016 in BC) or Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, or Labour Day, etc., place your order.
                • Megan B.
                  Great tip, Kathie. Thanks!!
                  • Wendy
                    Thanks for this tip!
                  • PaulinCalgary
                    National] IKEA is not looking to open 10 new stores in Canada. This has been misreported. IKEA is not looking to open 10 new stores in Canada. This has been misreported. There has been confusion with regards to our ambition to open pick up points, which will be locations where customers can pick up their goods closer to where they live. These pick up points will not be stores. There has also been speculation as to how many locations IKEA will be launching in 2015 which has not been determined. The ambition is to make IKEA more accessible to the many Canadians through a multichannel environment. This will be accomplished by examples such as increased service offers, pick-up points and an improved ecommerce interface, all resulting in our customers having easier access to our products. At the same time, the inspirational in-store shopping experience will continue to be the base for our operations. While the strategy is clear; the timing, locations and format of the increased accessibility has not been finalized and it is premature to speculate on these details. We will of course be releasing an announcement when we have confirmed all these details
                    • PaulinCalgary
                      From their website.
                    • PaulinCalgary
                      Ikea typically builds a full store when they can service a market of roughly half a million to one million people per store. Sask and VI people may have to settle for one of their pickup only locations. Seems like greater Victoria may be close in necessary population, not sure if age demographics will play a hand.
                      • Megan B.
                        Hm, perhaps that's an older article? This one (also from their website) dated November 24, 2015 states: IKEA Canada recently announced expansion plans from coast to coast in new and existing cities and plans to double the number of Canadian stores over the next decade making IKEA more accessible to all Canadians. Or maybe the folks at Ikea seriously have their wires crossed!
                        • wes
                          Glad to see Halifax see the return of Sven and Olee Hankenins favourite store. Moncton would probably been a better choice I agree. Ikea left halifax in 1982 definitely eons ago.