You Can Now Sell Your Used Furniture Back to IKEA

You Can Now Sell Your Used Furniture Back to IKEA

Are you redecorating? Moving and not taking all your old furniture with you? Upgrading your nursery to a bedroom for the kids?

Whatever your reason for getting rid of your old furniture, there's now a new option for parting with your dressers and desks. IKEA Canada will now buy back used IKEA items – and give you store credit in return.

It's called the IKEA FAMILY Sell-Back Program, and it's a sustainable way to recycle your old homewares and get something in exchange.

You need to be part of the IKEA FAMILY to qualify for the Sell-Back Program. You can sign up here to create an account. When you sign up, you'll receive exclusive offers, a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card every month and 30 extra minutes for your kiddos in Småland while you shop in-store.

To submit an application to sell your used items back to IKEA, you just need to complete a pretty straightforward online form. Log in to your IKEA FAMILY account and upload at least four photos of each item you want to sell. Your local store will complete an assessment within 72 hours. If your item is accepted, you can just drop it off at that location and collect your store credit! Just know that you need to submit an application for each individual item you want to sell back.

When you bring your items back to an IKEA store, make sure you have your reference code and IKEA FAMILY card (or account information) with you. And yes, you can bring furniture in fully assembled. In fact, IKEA actually insists that you don't take your furniture apart before you bring it to the store.

You can find a full list of accepted Sell-Back products on the IKEA website. In general, they will accept dressers, bookcases, small tables, cabinets, dining furniture, chairs and stools. Outdoor furniture, mattresses, glass items and most baby furniture won't qualify for the program.

So how much money can you make selling back your furniture? The value for anything is determined by the IKEA staffers who assess your items, and the rates they choose are non-negotiable.


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