All Remaining Hyba Activewear Stores are Closing

All Remaining Hyba Activewear Stores are Closing

The news first broke last spring, and it's finally becoming a reality: Hyba Activewear stores across Canada are closing for good.

If you're lucky enough to still have one of their locations near you, chances are it will shut its doors on Feb. 2 – the end of their fiscal year.

But the news isn't all bad. Last month, Hyba announced on Facebook that the brand is sticking around. Instead of stopping production entirely, Hyba gear is moving to Reitmans stores throughout the country.

Reitmans stores already sell some Hyba products, but the selection can be pretty limited. Hyba has assured diehard fans that some stores will increase their Hyba stock, and the full line will always be available on the Reitmans website. And right now, they have sale items for up to 70% off!


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