HMV Canada Closing All Stores By End of April

HMV Canada Closing All Stores By End of April

HMV has been one of my favourite stores to shop for Christmas presents. I am sad to hear the news that they will be closing up all of their stores by April 30th.

The company owes somewhere around $39 million so they plan on putting their existing stock on clearance sale to replenish some of that outstanding balance.

There are over 100 HMV stores in Canada, so it is very unfortunate for over 1300 employees who will now be out of work. The Remaining HMV stores will keep their original hours of operating until they finally close their doors.

So starting now you will see postings of "store-closing", "everything must go" and "store closing sales" on the windows and doors of the HMV stores. Right now they have started clearing out stock at 30% off so get in while the getting is good.


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  • Robyn V.

    . You better go stock up on cds. What are you going to do? Lol

    • Amy O.

      I know I saw this :disappointed: I am going to stock up on CD's :joy: