Happy Canada Day Moosers!

Happy Canada Day Moosers!

Happy Canada Day Moosers! This is the special day where we celebrate by donning red and white (but not blue!) and declaring a favourite beer company's slogan "I am Canadian!" We celebrate living in the second biggest country in the world where it is cheaper to fly to Hawaii than it is to visit our family across the country (seriously!). We also celebrate living in a country that really tries its best not to piss other countries off so when traveling abroad we are safe to say "I'm Canadian actually... little farther up!"

Canada Day holds a special place in my heart because growing up in a small town there was always the local Canada Day parade. I hear not all places have this, but our village did. About a week before Canada Day they would repaint all the lines on the roads and clean the streets so everything looked all fresh and pretty. My favourite part, aside from all the horses in the parade, was the candy. What kid doesn't love people throwing candy in their general direction? My Dad has a sweet tooth that probably has roots down to his big toe so even as an adult he loved getting sweets. For the parade he executed his master plan: he collected peanuts that people threw and then tossed them back at parade floats that he knew had the good stuff. They would notice that my Dad had chucked a peanut or two at them and they would retaliate with far better treats! That is my favourite Canada Day memory. :-)

Moosers, do you have any wonderful Canada Day memories? Share them in the comments!

Hope this day is extra special for all of you!

(Thanks to someecards and Arlo Bates for the pics!)


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  • Denyse
    When I read where you said Canada is a day where we dress up in Red and White... but not blue!!! you had me its a sad time to celebrate really when Blue is whats so wrong with this great Country these past yrs...Hope 2015 has us feeling more like Celebrating btw I remember those parades.. Happy days..
    • Avigayil M.
      Happy Canada Day and thanks so much for commenting :-)