Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose! Let's Hunt For Pirate Treasure!

Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose! Let's Hunt For Pirate Treasure!

Hey Moosers! Did you know that this week, Bargainmoose celebrates its 5th birthday? I mentioned it in our weekly email newsletter on Monday and told you to keep your eyes out for a fantastic contest announcement. This is it - our Pirate Treasure Hunt! Starting tomorrow (Wednesday 21st August 2013), we're going to hold a series of five 48 hour treasure hunt contests. In each one, we will be giving away a brand new Apple iPad Mini, and 2x $50 Amazon.ca vouchers.

And, through the course of the 10 day event, we'll also be giving out random pirate loot throughout the days. These spot contests will be very short, so make sure and stop by the Bargainmoose blog a few times a day to make sure you don't miss out on the treasures, me hearties.

Therefore, total loot available for the hunting Moosers:

  • 5x iPad minis
  • 10x $50 Amazon.ca vouchers
  • Mystery spot prizes


P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below... you never know what might happen if you do. ;)


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  • chrissy
    sounds exciting, I love to win free stuff:)
    • Johanna
      Fun! I love treasure hunts!!!!
      • Annie
        What a great idea...better then some other big places contests....we all love Bargainmoose...tks for sharing with us
        • Mandy
          Looking forward to it! I love treasure hunts.
          • Terri
            Happy Birthday!!
            • merna
              Wooo we share a birthday!
              • Sha W.
                what a great site - what would I do without Bargainmoose!?!
                • Matt
                  Congratulations! And thank you for helping Canadian consumers save money for five years!
                  • Tracy
                    Congratulations on your 5th!!! I make a point of checking your site a few times per day and I have found so many great deals over the years! Thank you for being you!!
                    • Michelle
                      Congrats! I check your site a few times a day so I'm super excited for this contest. And you have some great prizes!
                      • Amber
                        Happy birthday!! I love me some treasure!! :)
                        • Gen
                          Congrats on your 5th anniversary!
                          • Jeff
                            WooHoo! Grats of 5 years!
                            • Jodie
                              I love me some treasure hunts! ARRR!
                              • spamgirl
                                I love your contests! Awesome :) Congratulations!
                                • Erica
                                  Happy Birthday! I started following at the beginning and love all the contests you do! This one sounds like fun
                                  • Soo
                                    Congrats! sounds like fun.
                                    • Andrea
                                      Happy Birthday, Captain Bargainmoose! Thank you for sharing so many hidden treasures with us through the years.
                                      • Library A.
                                        Happy birthday, Bargain Moose! You sure have saved me a whole lot of money over the past 5 years, and I thank you very much for that!
                                        • Lisa
                                          One word: Owsum.