Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose! Let's Hunt For Pirate Treasure!

Hey Moosers! Did you know that this week, Bargainmoose celebrates its 5th birthday? I mentioned it in our weekly email newsletter on Monday and told you to keep your eyes out for a fantastic contest announcement. This is it - our Pirate Treasure Hunt! Starting tomorrow (Wednesday 21st August 2013), we're going to hold a series of five 48 hour treasure hunt contests. In each one, we will be giving away a brand new Apple iPad Mini, and 2x $50 Amazon.ca vouchers.

And, through the course of the 10 day event, we'll also be giving out random pirate loot throughout the days. These spot contests will be very short, so make sure and stop by the Bargainmoose blog a few times a day to make sure you don't miss out on the treasures, me hearties.

Therefore, total loot available for the hunting Moosers:

  • 5x iPad minis
  • 10x $50 Amazon.ca vouchers
  • Mystery spot prizes


P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below... you never know what might happen if you do. ;)


  • chrissy
    sounds exciting, I love to win free stuff:)
  • Johanna
    Fun! I love treasure hunts!!!!
  • Annie
    What a great idea...better then some other big places contests....we all love Bargainmoose...tks for sharing with us
  • Mandy
    Looking forward to it! I love treasure hunts.
  • Terri
    Happy Birthday!!
  • merna
    Wooo we share a birthday!
  • Sha W.
    what a great site - what would I do without Bargainmoose!?!
  • Matt
    Congratulations! And thank you for helping Canadian consumers save money for five years!
  • Tracy
    Congratulations on your 5th!!! I make a point of checking your site a few times per day and I have found so many great deals over the years! Thank you for being you!!
  • Michelle
    Congrats! I check your site a few times a day so I'm super excited for this contest. And you have some great prizes!
  • Amber
    Happy birthday!! I love me some treasure!! :)
  • Gen
    Congrats on your 5th anniversary!
  • Jeff
    WooHoo! Grats of 5 years!
  • Jodie
    I love me some treasure hunts! ARRR!
  • spamgirl
    I love your contests! Awesome :) Congratulations!
  • Erica
    Happy Birthday! I started following at the beginning and love all the contests you do! This one sounds like fun
  • Soo
    Congrats! sounds like fun.
  • Andrea
    Happy Birthday, Captain Bargainmoose! Thank you for sharing so many hidden treasures with us through the years.
  • Library A.
    Happy birthday, Bargain Moose! You sure have saved me a whole lot of money over the past 5 years, and I thank you very much for that!
  • Lisa
    One word: Owsum.
  • Maria
    Shiver me timbers! A pirate hunt it is, and a jolly fun it will be. All hands on deck - we sail tonight.
  • Rita
    Happy Birthday Bargain Moose. You are worth your weight in gold!!
  • Alice H.
    Happy Birthday! Congrats on a great 5 years and many more to come!
  • UncleStuart
    What's another name for pirate's treasure? Boooooooooty!!
  • Tami
    Thanks for giving us the best bargains over 5 years! You haven't aged at all : )
  • Amanda R.
    5 years of helping people find the deals! Well done!
  • CherylRwfm
    Congrats! Love your site!
  • Cindy
    Happy birthday! Thank you so much for the awesome work you do. I find your deals to be timely and your reviews always helpful and fun to read. My family and friends have benefited greatly!
  • Colin
    Happy Birthday! !
  • Ang
    Happy Birthday, BargainMoose! Thanks for the bargain tips!
  • Ann
    Congratulation and thanks for all your hard work.
  • kmcgee1999
    Whoo hoo. I love birthdays and giveaways and Bargainmoose so this is going to be a great week! Happy 5th Birthday!!!
  • nicole
    happy birthday
  • Amy
    Mental note - check more often
  • Marissa
    Happy Birthday - and keep up the great work! Cant wait for tomorrow :)
  • Astrogal
    Happy Birthday, congrats on a great site!
  • Tina
    Happy 5th Birthday!! I hope its a great PAAARRRTY!!
  • karen
    arrrgh...pirate booty!! sounds like fun!
  • Diana
    I love a good treasure hunt! Great idea!!
  • Tamara
    Happy B-Day Bargainmoose!!!! Oh how the years fly by!!!!
  • Maureen
    Thanks for a great bargain filled 5 years!
  • Trisha
    This is going to be fun!!!!! :)
  • Nancy
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I never win anything but it's fun to try!
  • Molly
    Happy Birthday!! Let the hunt begin!
  • cjt
    Happy 5th Birthday my maties.
  • holly
    Happy Birthday (it's my birthday too, yeah!), and to many more!
  • Gigi
    I love this website!
  • jennifer
    Love a good treasure hunt. Happy Birthday!
  • Grace
    Happy B-day and great contest! I can't wait! =)
  • Pam d.
    Happy birthday bargain moose. Thanks for the tips over the years. Keep em coming!
  • Samantha
    Happy Birthday! Congrats on 5 years. Love Bargainmoose!!
  • Suzan
    Can't believe it's been 5 years....thanks for all the great Bargains!
    • Sydney
      I have followed you since the beginning and you are still my favourite!
  • Norma
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday. It's kind of like a big party with loot bags. Congratulations
  • Laurel
    Way to go! What a great idea! and Happy Birthday Bargainmoose! Many many more!
  • Paul A.
    Congrats!! 5 years already? You don't look a day over 2. Great job and love all the deals and contests. I look forward to your emails every morning just like my coffee.
  • Al
    Congratulations Bargainmoose on yout 5th Birthday. May you have many more celebrations like this in the years to come. I really enjoy reading you every day. You have that personal touch which makes it interesting to shop for bargains. Like we are part of the big family out there.
  • Linda
    arrr...I love pirates and I love free stuff. I check for the deals every day on Bargainmoose..part of my daily ritual!
  • Leah
    It's your birthday (yaaaayyyy). I have to wait until tomorrow to go hunting (boooo). But a treasure hunt, that's intriguing (more yaaaayyyyy). Congrats on all the success, wishing you many more years of profits and me many more years of savings!
  • Leigh
    Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more years to come!
  • Lucy
    Happy birthday Bargain Moose! I always visit this site first thing in the morning. Keep up the great work.
  • Violet S.
    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary. Thanks for doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
  • Krimit
    Happy 5th Birthday! Love your site, I've saved bundles from checking it daily for deals!
  • Trish E.
    Thanks for all the "heads up" on all your money saving links - you have saved me so much - hats off to you!
  • Grace
    i love your site, i visit it at least 4 or 5 times a day to see what is newly posted. I've spent a lot of money because of you guys, but saved a lot more. my husband always shakes his head when he sees me on this site because he knows that more money is going to be spent. i have it bookmarked on all my laptop and playbook and my work computer. Happy Birthday, keep up the good work!
  • Chrissy
    Woohoo congrats bargain moose! 5 years is awesome and wishing you many more successful years to come. One thing I look forward to every morning is reading the daily roundup of deals, discounts, coupons and so forth you spend so much effort hunting for us. Thanks for all that you do. Bargainmooser fan!
  • Sherri
    Happy Birthday! Love your posts and I have saved so much money over the years. Thank you.
  • sambunny
    weeehee! Happy Birthday!
  • Jiri
    Happy Birthday Bargainmoose!
  • Lana P.
    Thanks for all of the wonderful deals that I have received as a result of your website!
  • Shonagh
    Treasure hunt? I love a treasure hunt! Well done on 5 years of great bargain links and tips. I look forward to see what else you have in store...
  • jocelyn
    Happy 5th Brithday!! Can't wait for the treasure hunt. I never win anything, but it's always fun trying!
  • ABudgell
    happy birthday, I look forward to your daily emails every morning
  • Brandy
    Happy # 5!
  • sandra
    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the great money saving tips in my email everyday!!
  • Patty
    Thanks for the deals and coupons...
  • Karen P.
    Congradulatons Bargain Moose on your 5th anniversary.I enjoy getting you email every day and checking out the great deals!
  • Kristen
    Happy 5th birthday! Always love your posts and seeing the new deals on your site.
  • JP
  • CeeCee
    Congrats BM!!! My favourite Canadian discount website :)
  • Wendy
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the tips and heads-up on sales over the years!
  • Steve S.
    Aarrrr some awesome bootie prizes. Happy bargain moose
  • Emily S.
    Happy Birthday! Here's a golden oldie for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5Xr1CvOGe0 Congratulations on five years of great work!
  • Darren
    Happy Birthday BM! You rock my socks off
  • Deanne S.
    I tell my friends I'm not cheap, I'm Frugalisious!! Your website has helped me get a few great deals, I look at it every day! Happy 5th!! Wish you many more successful years!
  • Grace
    Shiver me timbers! Happy Birthday!
  • Charmaine
    This is going to be sawweeeeet.
  • Jen F.
    Congrats on 5 great years!
  • Gabriela
    Congrats 5 year don't come easy! I am so excited ! :D
  • Sonia
    Feeling like a pirate without being one! Thanks BM for being my number one Matey
  • Norine
    Happy birthday, BargainMoose! It's been a great five years of wonderful deals and bargains that I got to take advantage of. I look forward to many more in the years to come. Have a wonderful day. :)
  • Jessica L.
    Congratulations on turning 5!
  • Andrea M.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Rose
    Grrrrrreat news Captain, congratulations on your 5th Birthday.
  • Angelina Y.
    Happy Birthday! Can't wait for the treasure hunt!
  • Jocelyn
    Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose!
  • Neil
    Congrats Bargain Moose!!! Great job!
  • katama381
    Wow...5 years! Congrats and happy birthday!! I can't wait for the treasure hunt. You have such great and fun contests!
  • Andy
    Five great years & many special deals! We really appreciate your work in providing us with great deals & bargains!
  • Monica
    Happy Birthday Bargainmoose! It's my birthday week, too, although I am older than 5 ; )
  • CalgaryCaper
    Five years of awesome deals! I love receiving your newsletters. Happy Birthday, BargainMoose! :)
  • Carrie
    happy Birthday! Here's to another great 5 years :)
  • Jo
    Happy 5th birthday
  • Lisa
    Happy 5th Birthday Matey!
  • Jessica
    Happy 5th birthday Bargain Moose!
  • Annie
    Treasure hunt, eh? I'm up for that! Happy birthday!
  • Gord
    Thanks for the deals eh!
  • funky
    Oh fun! Happy Birthday.
  • lyndalou1965
    Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over four. :)
  • 1suprdad
    congrats. I have to say, this has become one of my go-to sites. I may actually try to win this contest!
  • Leisau
    Aaargh! I can't wait. Happy Birthday!
  • GweeksMom
    Happy 5th birthday bargain moose!!!!! Thanks for arrrrrr the savings!!
  • Chester
    Happy Birthday! More power to you guys! Keep the bargains coming!
  • donkeykong
    Happy Birthday! Bargain moose Nation.
  • Cosimo
    I'm so glad I happened on your site several months ago... I subscribed instantly. It's nice to see a site dedicated to providing Canadians a chance to save some money on really anything. I hope the contest is a hit with everyone. Good luck!
  • teachergirl
    I love Barginmoose! I can not believe it has been 5 years. You are my favourite website. I have got many deals because of Barginmoose. I tell everyone about you. Happy Birthday... and look forward to many more.
  • Angela
    Happy Birthday, love your site and bargains!
  • LClarkson
    I have been a follower of BargainMoose for several years and I can't believe the great bargains I've found and mostly, it has just kept me up to date on sales, coupons and even new products I've never heard of. Great site, keep it up!
  • Emily W.
    Bargainmoose rocks! I love reading you blogs several times a day. You have saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work guys!
  • KittyPride
    Congratulations on five years of great information and contests! Long may you thrive :D
  • koro
    We can celebrate our birthdays together! Yeah for August! The best month of the year~
  • Cmonnier
    I lové Bargainmoose! Tanks to you I have discovered new online stores! Love you!
  • Rupert
    Happy Birthday! I started following this site since I heard you on CBC. Keep up the awesome-possum work!
  • Emmy
    This is one of the best websites for deals & coupons. You guys always seem to be on the ball! Happy 5th Birthday!!
  • Shelly
    Happy 5th Birthday!!! I love treasure hunts!!!
  • KH
    Five years already? Wow... I didn't realized at all! Congratulations!! :D
  • Steven
    Happy Birthday BM!
  • Dave
    Alright you got me with scavenger hunt. Lets see what the Internet holds.
  • stacey
    Happy Big 5th! sounds like a great way to celebrate!
  • Valene
    Happy Birthday :)
  • Nadine
    Aaaarrr. Love saving pieces of eight with Bargain Moose. Happy Birthday and bring on the treasure hunt!! Need buried treasure!!!! :)
  • Ronda
    Happy 5th Birthday! Here's to many more!
  • lynne h.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Aniversary, Ha-ppy Anniversary!!
  • Deborah
    Happy Birthday! I hope you have many more - I love your site.
  • Kylie
    Happy birthday!!
  • diana
    Oh I cant wait to try!! Ipad would be perfect for school. Thank you bargainmoose! !
  • Sharon
    Shiver me timbers...... 5 already ! Looking forward to scoring some loot ;-)
  • Maegan M.
    Happy Birthday!! Hope you guys have a lot of fun today :D
  • Sarah
    HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful giveaway for your members :)
  • Sarah
    HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for doing such an amazing givaway for your members :)
  • Leah
    Wow can't believe I've been checking this blog for 5 yrs daily! Haha happy bday
  • Shan
    Happy birthday!
  • Betty
    Happy birthday Bargainmoose!!
  • dealhunter
    Happy birthday, Bargainmoose!! Thank you for all the helpful posts you've put up over the years. Couldn't have saved so much without you guys!
  • Cara
    I <3 Bargainmoose! Happy Birthday!
  • alex
    happy bday barganmoose
  • Sd
    Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all the wonderful deals you get us. :)
  • Anita
    Happy Birthday! I'm addicted to this site and wish you many more happy years!
  • Mike
    Avast Matey,Drinking a flask of Rum in honor of your 5th birthday,are you still hiding your treasure in your hollow peg leg?
  • Tanya
    Happy Birthday Bargain Moose. I have been with you since the start!
  • Karen
    Congratulations on 5 years! And thanks for always pointing me to the great deals. My wallet thanks you! :)
  • Crafty501
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a great give-a-way to celebrate your 5th Anniversary. Thank you for such a great sale, always full of deals, freebies and coupons plus great information in the blogs
  • Richard
    Happy Birthday Bargain Moose!
  • S
    Can't wait to go on a pirate adventure!
  • nyanko
    Great Site always, Happy B'day Bargain Moose~ **@**~
  • Tania
    Happy birthday!!!
  • Casey M.
    Happy Birthday!!! :)
  • Jenny
    Happy Birthday bargainmoose! Heheh, I have a birthday coming up soon too! Yayyy
  • Karen
    Happy 5th Anniversary!
  • Rebecca H.
    Happy birthday Bargainmoose!
  • Lin
    Congratulations Bargainmoose and staff. It's rare to see so many comments :D
  • Adam
    HappiBirthday Bargainmoose :)
  • chris
    This place rocks, freebies, info, and Bargains...............Happy Birthday
  • Scott
    Arrg! Happy Birthday Cap'n Bargain Moose!
  • Lindsay T.
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for always sharing the fantastic deals!
  • Grace C.
    You're awesome Bargainmoose. Happy Birthday!
  • Fay
    Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose!! Can't believe you're 5 years old! I visit your site everyday and continue to love the deals you post. I've got some great bargains over the years.
  • cappellis
    Happy Birthday Bargain Moose, cheers to another 5 years!
  • Kim O.
    I love Bargain Moose!! Happy Birthday.
  • Gillian
    Awesome website, can't believe I didn't find this 5 years ago! Happy Anniversary!
  • Steve M.
    Treasure! ARRHHH maties. This being the internet it must be XXX that marks the spot!!!
  • Jen
    This is the first BM anniversary for me. How do I "hunt" for these prizes?
  • Stephanie
    Love this website. Check it almost every day. Gotten loads of deals! Thanks so much!
  • Stephanie C.
    Groovy website! I check it almost every day. Gotten loads of deals! Thanks so much!
  • Ann
    Happy B-Day !! And thank you so much, your website is amazing !!! I love it :)
  • nelly c.
    Happy Anniversary!!! I really appreciate all the great info you always give us...thanks
  • melinda k.
    I have used the moose on many occasions...it is no surprise that it has so many followers and is still going strong after 5 years...HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
  • Melinda
    Happy Birthday Bargainmoose!
  • Diane
    Happy B-Day!
  • marcy
    happy anniversary!!!!
  • vonb
    Happy birthday Bargainmoose
  • Megan
    Happy birthday!
  • Linda P.
    Happy Birthday, can't wait until tomorrow
  • Tracy
    CHEERS to best 5 years! Happy Birthday!!
  • Christine S.
    Happy Birthday. Your site is amazing and I have fully enjoyed being a member. You guys are awesome.
  • Mari
    Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for saving me soooo much money!
  • Lenny Z.
    Woo hoo!!! Happy Birthday!!!
  • Nic
    Happy 5th Birthday! Thanks for helping Canadian's save $$.
  • Brennan
    Happy Birthday! I visit your site at least once a day, and have saved a bunch of money because of it! Here's to the next five!
  • Mandy
    Happy birthday! :)
  • AmandaS
    Happy 5th Birthday Bargainmoose! Always excited to celebrate a Bargainmoose milestone! You always have the best contests for us =)
  • KLM
    Ship Ahoy, Matey!
  • Abhi
    Happy Anniversary !!!
  • Amber
    Happy Anniversay MATEY! ;)
    • Amber
      ooops. I got a tad too excited about the anniversary that I didn't type anniversary right!
  • Who
    R.....I'm going treasuring hunting tomorrow....maybe I'll find me a birthday gift!
  • Christine
    Happy 5th Anniversary Bargain Moose....my favorite "check it out" every morning!
  • yayi27
    Hey! Congrats! You are my fave deal blog! keep up the good work!
  • Mei
    Happy Birthday and congratulations! A success site that I check out everyday!
  • Alison K.
    Happy 5th birthday Bargainmoose. May you celebrate many more bargains & share them amongst your supporters :)
  • Linda Q.
    Happy Birthday Bargainmoose!!!
  • Pati N.
    ARRrrrrrrrrr Great giveaway! Happy Birthday Bargain Moose....shiver me timbers.
  • Moe @.
    OMG! Where does the time go? Happy Anniversary, Anna (and crew)!
  • Cheryl
    Happy 5th Birthday BargainMoose, the best site ever!
  • Pat M.
    Arrrrg matey, welcome aboard the pirate ship "Bargain Moose", watch out though there might be a pirate around the corner to take your loot. Oh, happy birthday Bargain Moose!
  • lilpeej
    Happy Birthday! I have not won anything here, yet. Maybe now's my chance?
  • Ann N.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Christina
    5 years! You've been here longer than I've been married! Congratulations! Thanks for saving us some $$ bills!
  • Jennifer
    Great contest idea. :) Love your website. Thanks!!
  • Lorraine K.
    Happy birthday!
  • Donna L.
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!
  • JenniferY
    What a fun contest! Happy 5th Birthday!
  • Diane
    Congrats. Happy Anniversary. Wishing you many more years. Thanks for the contest. It's really fun :)
  • Carris
    Happy Birthday!
  • Ruth
    Happy 5th Birthday!!
  • Debra
    Amazing and way to go Anna. I have loved getting emails all the time about some of the best deals. It was also really cool to win a hoodie late last year.
  • Jena
    Happy Birthday :)
  • g_sidhu
    Congratulations and thanks for the amazing contest. Goodluck to all the participants.
  • Sarah
    Happy birthday!!
  • Ronni
    Wow - 5 years! Congrats - awesome site - Happy birthday!
  • Steve
    Happy Anniversary Bargainmoose!
  • cathy
    Happy Anniversary!! Awesome job you are doing for so many homemakers to help their familys save money...Thank you
  • Christina M.
    I only see one treasure hunt so far. Is that right?

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