Happy 25,000th Post to Us!


I was just doing a little bit of admin work on site and I stumbled on this post that I wrote in 2011, congratulating us for reaching the 5,000 post mark. Well, I just glanced over at our post count and noticed that we’ve just passed the 25,000 mark! Wow!!

It’s been nearly 7 years of blogging for me and our Bargainmoose birthday will be in August. I will plan something fantastic as a birthday surprise at that time, giving some sweet and juicy prizes out to my lovely Moosers.

In the meantime, hit me up with a comment below and I’ll choose a random winner to win a $50 Amazon.ca gift card! Let me know what your favourite deal of all time was, on Bargainmoose. (Contest closed, winner added soon)

(Ends 21st June 2015)


  • Nikki s.
    Congratulations! I love your site!
  • DaniG
    The sports Lug bag (has the spot to put your yoga mat) from Best Buy.
  • Jeff
    Woohoo! congrats!
  • Helen
    This is my favourite bargain shopping site for sure.
  • Adam
    There have been numerous deals I have claimed that makes it hard to choose just one! With the money saved 'us' the users should give Bargain Moose a gift card!!!
  • Leah
    My favourite site. My go-to resource before I purchase anything. Thank you.
  • Cathy
    Congratulations! Bargain Moose and I have become the best of friends!! My most recent favourite post was the deal on Dawgs. So comfy for my pregnancy swollen feet!! Thank you!!!
  • Juli
    Congratulations :> My favourite deal was a 10 dollar discount for a 20 dollar purchase from The Body Shop. I combined it with their buy 3 get 3 free promo :)
  • Deanna
    I look forward to your emails to see what I will be saving on next. Even my husband is impressed with the deals you have provided and he is not a "believer in shopping"!
  • Sirisha
    Congratulations, there are so many deals I have claimed and it's very tough to choose one. Anyways keep going like this and gud luck for you....
  • Al
    Kind of addicted to your side, keep checking it a lot through the day. Great deals, great advices on how to save money, cheers for your milestone!!
  • Sudaf
    I moved to Canada from the UK 6 months ago. It was really hard to know where to shop at decent prices until I found this website - and now I refer to it everyday! I loved the sears photo shoot deal as I managed to get great shots of my 7 month old! In fact, I am going to pick up the prints today - so thank you
  • tracey l.
    Congratulations; I love, love, love this blog (and thanks to you I've spent way too much money); keep up the excellent work!!!!
  • Robert
    Well, you made a believer out of a guy who rarely (until I found your website) shops on line. Have lost count of the number of items over the past years I've bought or at least reviewed on line that I would have otherwise missed or passed on by. Your work is not in vain that is for sure and even sharing with my friends and family the deals that you dig up. Keep on bloggin' and we'll keep on coming back. Well done!!
  • lamariposavioleta
    Congrats!!! My fav deal is hard to choose, there have been so many, but the free shipping from Purdy's chocolate was great!!! got me hooked on my fav chocolates
  • taralynnc
    Yay! I just found your site about a month ago, but check it compulsively!! Love the Lole deals!!
  • Cammy B.
    Congrats on your success, I have enjoyed being along for the journey. My favourite deals have been the big diccounts on 1800 Flowers I have family spread all over so great deals to send out flowers are helpful!
  • EJ
    I love looking at all the deals everyday! I love all the ones that are posted of free shipping. Lately I ordered from Hatley, Sears and Joe Fresh from finding out about the free shipping.
  • katama381
    Congratulations! There have been so many deals (not to mention the freebies) to choose from. Thank you for all your hard work--you have saved me a lot of money over the years.
  • Allison
    Congrats, always looking at your site! There was a really good deal on the Nintendo DS you posted around black Friday where I got a $50 credit on amazon when I bought it.
  • james
    I love all the contests you guys post!
  • Moe A.
    Congratulations. I check your site a couple of times a day. Keep up the good work!
  • William A.
    My fav deals are the "glitches" or double coupons you find. How do you do it?
    • Anna W.
      Expirimentation. :)
  • Christina
    Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! I check the site at least a few times per day - so picking a favourite deal is difficult. I think I agree with the person above about the free shipping for Purdy's chocolate deal near Christmas last year. I had been struggling with a failed idea for a Christmas present for my grandparents and this seemed perfect. They were so appreciate of the gift (and enjoyed the good quality chocolate so much) that it may very well be something that we do again.
  • Jag G.
    Congo Dear for such a milestone..
  • lyndalou1965
    Congrats on your success. I love this site and it has saved me a lot of money and informed me about many deals that I would have missed out on if I was not on this site! Thanks again. :)
  • Rick
    Well done. Fave deal...mmmm.....when you have competitions
  • Tracy
    Congratulations! ^_^ You've done a great job with this blog - I look it up daily to see what news you have and I know I have saved money, thanks to your updates. Keep up the great work! :)
  • Happy S.
    Congratulations to all of you on a great website! Ahhh... The thrill of the hunt for a bargain? Mine was getting a $100 bar fridge from Lowes for $49 and free shipping! Love your website!
  • Amber
    I check your site a few times a day! Keep up the great work- congrats!!
  • Amy L.
    Love your site! Congrats on 25,000! Favourite post would be the freebie ones!
  • Julie
    Congrats on 25,000 posts!! This is my go-to website first thing in the morning! Thanks for keeping up with such great deals! I look forward to the next 25,000 posts :)
  • Lisa
    Congrats on the 25k posts! I check your site often & save lots because of all your researching the great deals for us! I have tons of fave bargains from here but also a few wins from your contests has been pretty awesome too! Thanks & Keep up the great work! You ARE appreciated!
  • Scott
    Happy 25,000th Bargainmoose! You don't look a day over 20,000 =) My favorite posts are the links to the freebies - who doesn't like free!
  • Silvio f.
    Congrats on 25k posts
  • witchblade
    Happy 25000th! My best deal was almost two years ago on a KitchenAid stand Mixer at Amazon. Will all the rebates, I got the Artisan (higher power) for less that $220! Great price on the black unit as the red one was $499!
  • Craig
    Congrats on the milestone! I appreciate all of your hardwork, as I frequent the site ~ twice daily and purchased several deals I would otherwise have not been privy to. THANK YOU :-)
  • Ruth M.
    The Fitbit for $39.99! Bought several, thanks! Happy 25,000th!
  • Lynn
    Happy 25,000 posts that is amazing!!! Here's looking forward to 25,000 more from one of my favourite sites on the web.
  • Jess
    Love your website!! Congrats!! :D
  • tyler
    There have been numerous deals I have claimed that makes it hard to choose just one! With the money saved ‘us’ the users should give Bargain Moose a gift card!!!
  • Irene
    A BIG Congrats! And, give yourselves a big pat on each Mooser's back! Well done! I loved seeing you guys grow and hope you continue to grow more successful!
  • Donnas
    Happy 25,000th post. Too many great deals to mention but you had some amazing deals from Walmart.ca.
  • Cappellis
    Congrats! Your site is an excellent resource for frugal living! The post for Free Microsoft Office download for students was great
  • Ethan W.
    The best things in life are free. And u are the best! I love the chase you put us up 2. Running around the city 2 captilize on local deals; it's exciting like national donut day at crispy cream or 7 eleven freebie Fridays. Aahhhh so fun. Xoxoxo
  • Deb
    Congrats! Wow My fave deal was the one last week for Xbox live! Sweet sweet deal
  • kathy
    Congratulations..The Moose has been let loose on the world...Love your site!!!!
  • wes
    There have been so many I have taken advantage of I can't remember. The dvd/blu-ray deals on amazon are probably the posts that I have used the most for sure. Just keep up the good work and don't forget to feed the moose!
  • Tasha D.
    I've been following you for about three years, when I started maternity leave, and now my husband is hooked too! He even reads your site from work. Congrats on the great posts!
  • Rebecca H.
    Congratulations! That's an impressive milestone. I love your blog. I check the email updates every day to see what catches my eye. I can't pick a favourite because there are so many, but I am usually pulled towards the beauty product sales and the Amazon deals. :)
  • Saba
    Awesome job with the blog! Love the tips, contests and deals, esp the shopping cart pics!! I totally rely on you for my deals. My fav was winning with the contests!!!
  • Duncan G.
    The holy grail of barging sites.
  • Paula
    Oh man, how do I choose a Favourite deal when they all are? I love saving money hahahaha. Honestly I really appreciate that you take the time to advise people on how to maximize their savings, and how you can stack various discount codes by playing around with your cart (ie: L'occitane). Thank you for your dedication and cheers to 50k :)
  • Iris
    Congrats...this is great!! I frequent your site very often looking for deals!
  • Kelly
    Wow...25,000! I love this site and take advantage of many deals you post. Too many probably ;) . My favourite deal of all time has to be the best-buy-75-off-ihome-iw2-wireless-speaker-only-49-99. I absolutely love this speaker!
  • Jeremie
    Congratulations! BargainMoose has definitely become a top Canadian deal site. The quality of the posts is unpunparalled! Keep up the great work!
  • Shelley
    Congratulations! I check your site every day!
  • Julia C.
    The L'occitaine one near christmas - I was able to afford all the presents I wanted (for a change) and not have to compromise giving my family members what they deserve due to my student debt. Thank you!
  • ADur
    Congrats Bargainmoose! I've been checking in daily for a few years now, thanks for all you guys do! My favourite deal was the Calico Critters from a few weeks ago. We got it for my daughter and she loves it. Thanks Bargainmoose!!
  • Mei
    Congratulations! I think the best deal was my kitchenaid attachment and then a rebate on top of it
  • nlodenquai
    My daily addiction! Thanks for all the freebies and money you've saved me!
  • AmandaS
    Congrats!! Thank you for all your hard work, it's really appreciated! I'm a total bookworm, so some of my favourite deals have been for Chapters. And I love the free shipping deals you let us know about! =)
  • Natanael
    My favorite deal was one related to a Wii U bundle with a huge discount (from Future Shop I think), bought in 2014 :D
  • peepsi16
    Congrats bargain moose. Ive been a follower for many years and have found so many bargains on this site. How do I narrow it down to one?!? I seriously check daily. One of my favorite bargains were water resistant speakers from the source. People constantly ask me where I got them and are blown away when I tell them they were $30! Thanks bargain moose! Happy blogging!! :)
  • tannis
    Though I've taken advantage of many posted deals (like yesterdays rainboots) the best deal for me was buying the refurbed iPad2 from refurbio. It was so needed and will hold me over until I can save for a newer model. Thanks for all the great deals and blog posts.
  • Rad
    Thank you for the amazing posts! I visit your site EVERYDAY!!! Congratulations on achieving such an awesome milestone!
  • Monica F.
    Congratulations! I have so many deals that I know of, but my 'most used' and probably favourite deal that I thank Bargainmoose for is a refurbished Dyson vacuum. I had always wanted one and knew I could neither justify such an expensive vacuum let alone afford it normally. Thank you Bargainmoose!
  • Norine T.
    Congratulations Bargainmoose! I love checking out your bargains and have taken advantage of them many times. You've saved me a lot of money over the years--thank you. My favourite purchases have been the Kitchenaid products, as they're normally way too expensive for me to even consider purchasing. Love the savings you provide to us.
  • ginette4
    Congrats to you..wow 25000 posts..quite the milestone…I don't remember one great deal (my memory is very bad) thanks for the giveaway
  • KittyPride
    Congratulations! I so appreciate all the info you provide on Bargain Moose, you really have a knack for finding the best deals!
  • Tina
    Absolutely love all the deals Bargain Moose has given us!!!!!!
  • Vicki A.
    Awesome! Great site - love searching the daily deals. Thanks and congrats!!!
  • Ruby
    Congratulations Bargainmoose!! I visit this site daily I cant remember one great deal as all the deals have been amazing on this site. Thank you for always finding the best deals for us.
  • Mel
    I can't pick a fave deal but I've picked up some wicked deals on kids clothes because of Bargainmoose! Congrats on all the posts! Awesome site.
  • Nina M.
    congrats! Great job! I love all of your extreme deal postings (more than 50% savings on items)
  • Diane
    I visit your site at least once a day, and rarely buy anything online without looking here first for coupon codes and deals. My favorite deal has got to be the post that let me know that checkout 51 existed. I've saved so much with that app, thanks to you!
  • Gayle E.
    I got some great deals from Shop.ca back around Christmas time.
  • Nerissa
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do finding great deals and getting exclusive coupon codes! There's no way I could pick a favorite, I've used too many! Thank you, and congratulations!!!
  • Caitlin
    Amazing! Love this site. Please keep up the great work!
  • Bridgette
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! I hope that you've enjoyed your "journey" because I certainly have enjoyed travelling with you. I love your site and appreciate all of the effort and hard work it takes to keep it FIRST CLASS!!!
  • Sandra
    I love this site! I check almost everyday so hard to pick just one good deal :)

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