Frozen 2 Release Date Announced!

Frozen 2 Release Date Announced!

My kids still haven't stopped singing Let It Go! And for the first time in forever they will be speechless when they hear that Frozen 2 is scheduled to be released!

Frozen 2 is scheduled for release in theatres on November 27, 2019. Earlier today, Kristin Bell (aka Princess Anna) tweeted "Quick weather forecast from your favorite disney princess' sister: Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019! Woo Hoo!!!!". Frozen 2 follows the original Frozen and the sequel short Frozen Fever.

Other Disney movie release dates were also announced today. A live-action adaptation of The Lion King (1994) will be released on July 19 2019. Star Wars: Episode IX is set for release on May 24 2019 following a previously announced stand-alone Hans Solo movie in May 2018.

Some postponements were announced as well. An untiled Indiana Jones movie has been postponed from July 2019 to July 2020.An animated movie called Gigantic which is an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstock has been postponed from November 2018 to November 2020. And a Wreck-It Ralph sequel called "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is postponed until November 21 2018.

I sure hope my girls still are feeling the Frozen magic two years from now. If not I will be in the theatre dressed in an Elsa dress all by myself.


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  • Emily J.

    oh no! I haven't even watched the first one! Lol

    • Richelle H.

      You need to get on it and we can take kids to this one