Fillable Shoes! What Would You Put In Yours?

Fillable Shoes! What Would You Put In Yours?


On our travels around the internet, the Bargainmoose team is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting stores to write about. While on my own virtual travels, I found a US based footwear store called Ashbury Skies. And thereon, I found some extremely interesting pairs of shoes. These are the Yru Qloud 2091 shoes which you can buy there. They’re $145, so while this isn’t technically a “deal” post, I thought it would make for an interesting article! Here’s what they say about the shoes:

The socks flips up, and there is trap door to fill up the bottom with whatever your heart desires.

Sadly, the ponies aren’t included in the above purchase.

We had a laugh about it on the Bargainmoose virtual office here. I’d like to fill mine with something like body parts of Frozen-themed Barbie dolls, or perhaps Lego. Eva was thinking candy or…

I would say diamonds but I don't have that many diamonds.

Avigayil would like to fill her shoes with gummy teeth candy or fake eyeballs. Brooke wonders if they'd hold water and fake fish...

What would you put in your fillable shoes?

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