Facebook Reminder!

Facebook Reminder!


Hey Moosers! As a few of you might know, we’ve got a Facebook account for Bargainmoose and are pretty active on there too. While we mostly share deals which you can see on the blog here, we also share more light-hearted stuff, such as funny videos, news, recipes and even just pictures of cats!

If you’re not already following us on Facebook, please like us here:

>>> https://www.facebook.com/Bargainmoose <<<

And if you DO already follow us there, then I have a little favour to ask. Please make sure to like and share our posts on Facebook – the more you interact with our page, the more content you will actually see in your news feed. Facebook decides what is in your newsfeed based on your behaviour – so if you like Bargainmoose, then don’t forget to click those buttons when you are there. :)

And here's a little taste of the extra laughs that you get when you follow us on Facebook:


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