Download Shows & Movies To Watch Offline @ Netflix

Download Shows & Movies To Watch Offline @ Netflix

My life has been saved. Seriously. Netflix has just launched the option that their users have been begging for years: now you can watch select TV shows and movies while offline! You just have to download them first. As soon as I heard this news, I went ahead and downloaded a variety of Paw Patrol episodes onto my iPhone. Thank goodness Paw Patrol is included.

Netflix has said there will be more series and movies added in the near future, but for now you can make do with Paw Patrol, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Super Natural, The 100 and more. If you are looking for a cheaper tablet for your kids to use for Netflix and such, then check out this Hipstreet 8" Electron Tabletwhich is on for $90 down from $129.97.

Downloading episodes on your Apple or Android device is super simple too. From the drop down menu select "Available For Download" and have at 'er. I won't judge you if your finger has never moved faster and you download all the Paw Patrol episodes to keep your little ones busy during the Holiday season. That is a great distraction while you are wrapping gifts!

What shows and movies are missing from the list right now that you'd love to have added?


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