Dollarama Canada Just Launched Online Shopping!

Dollarama Canada Just Launched Online Shopping!

If you love a bargain and live for the dollar store, I have news for you. Dollarama Canada FINALLY launched online shopping!

That's right. You now don't need to wait for your local Dollarama to open the next time you want to pick up streamers or toilet paper.

But here's the most important thing to know: everything on the website is sold in bulk.

And while wholesale quantities might be great if you're planning a big party, buying school supplies for a classroom or stocking your pantry, you may want to stick to shopping in stores if you're buying socks or candles.

The site is divided into different departments that are pretty similar to the aisle groupings you'll see at any given Dollarama location. Since wholesale orders tend to be pretty big, get ready for high shipping fees – like a flat charge of $18 for delivery to most urban areas.


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  • Cassandra M.

    This is going to come in handy for Teachers and School Supply lists. The prices are awesome for bulk products. I’m definitely interested in buying in bulk to send at the beginning of the School year!

    • Melissa H.

      I can see it working for teachers,group homes and nursing homes .

      • Angela G.


        • Natalie R.

          This is awesome for girl guides and scouts!

          My days of traveling to multiple dollarama's might soon be over :heart_eyes:

          • Erinn S.