Blizzard Flights Are Coming to Dairy Queen!

Blizzard Flights Are Coming to Dairy Queen!

If you heard rumours about something new coming to Dairy Queen this spring, I have good news: they're true! I'm talking about Dairy Queen Blizzard Flights, and yes, they'll actually be available in Canada.

These tasty treats will be perfect for any indecisive snackers who want a Blizzard but don't know which flavour to pick. Instead of settling on one, you can sample up to THREE different flavours all on one tray.

Dairy Queen announced these Blizzard Flights on Instagram a few days ago, and it looks like they will officially be called Mini Blizzard Treat Flights – so remember that when you go to order one.

They're only available for a limited time, so I'd try to get to Dairy Queen ASAP and try them out! All blizzards are mini-sized, and you can choose from any flavours on the menu. So what will your combo be?

You may even be able to sample this summer's new Dairy Queen flavours (like Oreo Cookie Jar and Summer Berry) as part of your flight. And no matter what, this is a great way to get three for the kids at once!


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  • Jenna M.

    you're never going to guess where we LITERALLY just got back from :joy: