CRA Extends Tax Filing Deadline to May 5th

CRA Extends Tax Filing Deadline to May 5th


The CRA has extended the 2014 income tax and benefit returns deadline from April 30th to May 5th. Therefore, taxes filed by midnight on May 5, 2015, will not incur interest or penalties. This also means you have until May 5 to pay any taxes you owe for last year without incurring penalty or interest.

Your first question may be "why?". Well, the CRA accidentally sent out a communication back on April 24 with the incorrect filing deadline - May 5th instead of April 30th. Instead of retracting this statement, they decided to stand by their word (email) and extend the deadline. I think this is really awesome of the CRA and I give major kudos to them for taking responsibility for their own error. I know they could have simply said, "whoops, ignore the date in the email" but they decided to honour their word - pretty cool. I wish more companies would do this!

This is not the first time we have seen the CRA extend the tax deadline in recent history. Last year the tax deadline was extended due to the Heartbleed bug. That extension was also by five days.

Now, this means you all have an extra five days to finish your taxes and pay the government what you owe (if you owe anything) without penalty. There are still some good tax software deals around, so I have done a little roundup of them for you.

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(Expiry: 5th May 2015)


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