Costco To Increase Membership Fees

Costco To Increase Membership Fees

Costco is my playground. And my playground is about to get a little bit more expensive. Costco is increasing its yearly membership fees.

Here are the new membership fees:

  • $60 Costco Gold Star (regular) Membership - a $5 increase from the current $55)
  • $120 Costco Executive Membership - a $10 increase from the current $110

Membership fees are going up in both the US and Canada. Fees were last raised in 2011. The fee increase wasn't entirely unexpected as Costco typically raises its fees every five to six years.

The change in prices will come into effect on June 1 so those whose memberships expire in June may way to consider renewing in May.

I am hoping that Costco will expand its incentive packages for new members to renewing members in light of the fee increase. Or at least increase the amount of free samples available in the warehouse.

And pretty please don't increase the price of the hotdogs!


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  • Wendy A.

    Prices are very competitive if you shop around, I find it ridiculous to have to pay a membership to patronize a store.

    • Robin Z.

      I pay for the fact the no other company calls you if there has been a recall on any item bought

      • Chantelle S.

        What other store lets you return something years later as it broke? None Costso all the way

      • Desirae M.

        I wonder how much it's going to be? I mean I almost paid $60.00 and I'm a single lady...

        • Jennifer D.

          OH NO $5 increase what ever shall I do?!? Seriously if you shop at Costco an extra $5 isn't going to kill you. Besides I'd rather support a company that treats its employees and customers well. Plus depending on their sales, the increase is a week of grabbing two packages of chicken that are an additional $3 off to break even. I pay for Amazon Prime and I pay for Costco-. There's a reason- prices and service.

          • Steph H.

            In Canada it's going up $5. Calm the panic people.

            • Rachel S.

              I don't support an increase. This may make me think twice about renewing. There are enough stores that I can patronize that don't charge me to shop in their's.

              • Laura D.

                It's $5. If I can't afford $5 I can't afford to shop there.

                • Emma I.

                  It's been the same price for 10 years to my knowledge, so yes, a price increase is probably overdue. It's how the world works.

                  • Barb K.

                    When I first joined, less than 10 years ago, a basic membership was $45. Now it's $65 and going up. Crazy!

                  • Barb K.

                    Wouldn't it make more sense to lower the membership price to bring more people in? I let my membership lapse because of the price already!

                    • Karen G.

                      Of course we would all prefer a price decrease... but I will probably just pay up and live with the increase because I so appreciate Costco's easy return policy, and the way they honour rain cheques if they run out of a sale item. And their produce is mostly fresh. And... affordable bacon? How can I possible resist? Is this a $5 increase or a $10 increase here in Canada? I just wish they'd let me also put my daughter's photo on the membership card so when she is in the city, she could pick up toilet paper when the ranch is out. We don't get into the city that otften... I wish they'd come up with a "family plan" that would facilitate sharing of that 6 heads of romaine and three cucumbers; it might cut down on waste, too. I think the "pay extra for the extra card" is my biggest concern with their membership system.

                      • James K.

                        Done shopping there now. Went from executive to regular membership. Still wasn't worth the membership fee. So done. The deals aren't that great and most times it's actually more expensive.

                        • Jen B.

                          Does that mean I'll get more back? :money_mouth:

                          • sleep1880

                            Wow. This is disappointing news. 

                            I think it's funny that you mention you want more samples...I hope they get rid of them at our warehouse since they cause traffic jams at every sample station!