Costco to Expand Warehouse Locations in 2017

Costco to Expand Warehouse Locations in 2017

Typically Costco has been opening one to three warehouses a year so the expansion plans for 2017 is a bold but much needed move. Here's some good news for Costco shoppers! The Financial Post has reported that Costco is doing so well with sales that they plan on opening seven new stores in fiscal 2017. Typically they've been opening one to three warehouses a year so this is a bold but much needed move.

Canadian consumers will be pleased with the addition of Costco Warehouses as currently many Costco shoppers have to drive several hours to reach a warehouse. Seven additional locations will make it easier for Costco shoppers who are lucky enough to be located nearby one of the new warehouses.

Even if older outlets (in Canada's mature markets) have a decrease in sales, the warehouses added will increase sales as existing members will make more frequent shopping trips if they are closer.

Analyst Keith Howlett of Desjardins Securities has stated that "Costco Canada has been an outstanding success and dominates the wholesale club segment", and that opening a Costco Canada is equivalent to opening an estimated four to five conventional supermarkets.

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We will update this as we find out where the planned locations are for the new Costco Warehouses!

Where would you like to see a new Costco Warehouse location?


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  • Cat D.

    New one opening in kitchener sometime this month. Even has a gas bar

    • jeaner
      • I would love to see a Costco in Whitehorse, YT
      • LaPeste1

        I would LOVE to see one in North Bay !!!

        • Bellringer

          Would love to see one in Gander Nfld!

          • Juskay

            Victoria,  British Columbia needs another one, it is crazy busy

            • marilene

              Would love one in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Also 1 in Timmins, Ontario.  This way I can go to both.