Bargainmoose Email Subscribers: Please Read

Bargainmoose Email Subscribers: Please Read

(BUMP) For the many years that Bargainmoose has been in operation, we have been getting more and more emails from people commenting that they are receiving expired deals in their daily Bargainmoose email updates. I want to do a quick post to tell you a bit more about this issue.

If you ONLY read Bargainmoose via the email update, you're going to miss out on some of the best offers! We can only send the email out once every 24 hours, so no matter when in the day we choose to send it, you're going to miss out on some of the short-lived bargains. For example yesterday, Best Buy had a one day only deal on their Macbooks and iMacs, or the Batman plushie from Walmartthe other day, which only lasted a few hours. We've been seeing a lot of super-hot short term deals, which don't last very long.

So we suggest you stop by the Bargainmoose website a few times a day to see if there are any good deals to snap up, rather than relying solely on the daily emails. If you ONLY read the emails, you will probably miss out!

Thanks Moosers!


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  • Ann
    I'm so addicted to your blog I have no problems coming to visit it a few times a day. Keep up the great work!
    • Isabella
      It's extremely easy to subscribe to the RSS feed through a Feed Reader such as Google Reader. Getting updates become efficient and concise and I would highly suggest this to your readers! (I would even suggest stopping the email newsletters, as it is an outdated method for something like bargain posts which are so frequent! RSS is the way to go :)
      • SirMango
        If you're pretty sure that the deal will expire by the time the email gets out, I don't think it would be necessary to put it in the email in the first place. That would be another way to reduce complains (ignorance is bliss!). :)
        • Anna
          I can't not put it in the email. The email auto sends everything posted :)
        • Lainey
          Completely understand. As with all good deals, you snooze you lose :) Love your site!
          • wex
            A guy named Moore predicted that computers will double in speed every 18 months. He turned out to be right and they now called "Moore's Law". I talked to a moose once he said "good deals on the internet don't last long so update often". I didn't get's Moose's name (he was more interest in eating water lillies) but I am sure that he would not mind if I called his statement as "Moose's Law"
            • Anna
              Moose's Law! I love it and will mention it in future! Thanks wex :D
            • Leslie
              Could you send out your emails in the evening so that deals only good for the current day are still active?
              • Anna W.
                We post right up to 10, 11pm, even midnight. So I'd have to send the letter at midnight... and most people wouldn't see that until the morning anyway.
                • Dee
                  So , maybe send the email at 10 if it's too late for midnight? I never have time in my busy life for anything other than a digest by email. If there is a better time of day to incorporate all "one day deals", please choose that time to send the emails every day? For example, if you are finding that you find out about these one day emails the night before, then perhaps choose the evening to send out the emails. Thanks :)
                  • Anna W.
                    Dee - the reason is in the post above... We can only send the email out once every 24 hours, so no matter when in the day we choose to send it, you’re going to miss out on some of the short-lived bargains. Sometimes we don't find out about a hot offer until after the email has gone out, so we really can't please everyone here. Just visit the site to make sure you get them!
              • Steven
                You have only mentioned this several times people need to look outside the box and realize you have a website. You are doing an awesome job and have saved me lots of money. Keep up the great work!
                • Anna W.
                  Hi Steven. Thanks for your compliments. :) We bump this post from time to time because we still get angry emails from new people complaining that they've missed deals. :)