A&W Canada is Planning to Eliminate Plastic Straws

A&W Canada is Planning to Eliminate Plastic Straws

You can still slurp your A&W Root Beer, but soon you'll have to do it without a plastic straw. Last week, A&W Canada announced plans to eliminate plastic straws from their restaurants by the end of this year.

The burger chain announced this pledge on World Earth Day (June 8). It will be the first fast-food franchise to ditch plastic straws in North America.

"Reducing waste from landfills is a top priority for A&W and this is one big way that we can make a difference," A&W Canada president and CEO Susan Senecal said in a release.

If you love or need straws, however, don't fret. A&W will now offer paper straws, which are all biodegradable, compostable and sustainably sourced. Each one will last for up to three hours in a drink without breaking down, and they will naturally biodegrade in about three to six months. Plus, the release says this will help keep 82 million straws out of landfills each year.

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