Are you on Pinterest?

Are you on Pinterest?

I know this is a bit of an off-topic post, but I wanted to talk about Pinterest, a really popular site that I recently discovered and here's the Bargainmoose profile. Here's the about us description on Pinterest:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favourite recipes.

It's a really cute site, and it's a great diversion when you're bored and looking for something interesting online. For me, I've been gathering ideas for my future wedding, ideas for crafty things to do with my toddler, and having a laugh at some funny images. If you're on Pinterest, I've shown the above image so you can pin this post and share the Bargainmoose love. :) If you're not yet on there, sign up for a Pinterest account then pin the above image.

So back on topic, it's actually possible to use Pinterest for money-saving ideas, I've spotted quite a few on there. In fact, I recently gave my fiancé a hand-made Valentine's Card, made from an idea I spotted on Pinterest. Here's the card I made (click snippet for the bigger image):

There are lots more ideas on there, and I've discovered some brilliant things: cupcakes in a jar, butterfly snacks packs, I love you cards, celery painting, & chocolate strawberry shots!

Are you on Pinterest? Please feel free to post your link or username below and we'll follow you, and you can feel free to follow us too!


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  • Martha
    I just opened an account and it is soooo adictive! I love it. Add me!
    • Bevin K.
      We are now following you on Pinterest. Follow back here
      • Margie
        Pinterest is also a wonderful recipe resource! You can save money by finding recipes for the types of lovely meals you would usually only eat in a restaurant. Find the recipe, and make it into a family event by having a "family cooking afternoon".
        • Mrs J.
          I loveeeeee Pinterest!
          • Monica
            I'm now following you on Pinterest, here is my link :)
            • Brandy J.
              Im new to pinterest but am lovin it!!!
              • Sherry
                I have been on for a few months, but only become really active in the pass couple of weeks.
                • AM
                  It can be addictive. htp://
                  • Nadine
                    So I have to be on a waiting list to join this site?
                    • Anna
                      Think so, it took about a week for them to make an account for me.
                  • Dina
                    I love Pinterest! I am following you too :)
                    • Nadine
                      Got my invite and love it!