Air Miles Has Suspended Cash Redemptions!

Air Miles Has Suspended Cash Redemptions!

If you are an Air Miles Cash Collector, then we have some unfortunate news! Through the regular Air Miles Canada fraud monitoring processes, they have caught on to some fraudulent uses of the Cash Redemption program where Cash Miles have been stolen. To protect the information and earnings of all Air Miles Collectors, they have temporarily suspended the Air Miles Cash option for in-store purchases.

You will still be able to use your Air Miles Cash Miles for e-vouchers available online at So you can still use your AirMiles to enjoy your morning Starbucks, or even a movie with the kids this weekend at Cineplex. There are actually tons of perks with having an Air Miles Rewards Miles card - I just signed up!

This fraudulent activity only appears to impact Cash Miles (and not Dream miles). It is unknown when the redemption process will be open again.


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