Advertising On Bargainmoose

Advertising On Bargainmoose


BUMPING this post for new advertisers.

Hey folks.

I'm doing a quick post to let the Bargainmoosers know about a little addition to the site - paid advertising. I am offering a few little slots in the Bargainmoose sidebar, in order to help contribute to the site running costs. There are a number of costs in running Bargainmoose... development, server costs, writers, and my own time... so the advertising will help contribute to those costs, and still let Bargainmoose provide the service to all of you, totally for free.

I want to stress that this advertising will in no way affect the daily running of the site, or what you get in your daily deal roundups. The advertising is totally restricted to those little slots over on the sidebar to the right hand side.

Additionally, I will be strictly vetting all advertisers and making sure that any adverts shown are interesting and relevant to you guys.

If you're a Canadian store and you're  interested in advertising with Bargainmoose, you can read more here on the Advertising page.

Thanks guys!


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  • Julian G.
    Don't worry. If you have great content, we'll gladly (only if we're interested) click on the advertisements and check things out.
    • Steven
      I agree with Julian. As long as the advertising doesn't "take over" the pages, I don't mind seeing a few ads. Cheers.
      • Anna
        That will never happen. :) I hate it where you go to a site and you see big banner ads for things totally irrelevant to you.