10k Posts On Bargainmoose!

Hey Moosers! Just letting you all know that today we published our 10,000th post on Bargainmoose!! That's a nice round number and a good time to blog about it. From this site being a one-woman operation nearly 4 years ago, we now have a team of about 13 people working on the content for you guys, both writing on the blog or hunting coupons and deals on the forums.

Over the years, we've had a cartload of coupons, frequent freebies, a dumptruck of deals, a and a mountain of money-saving advice. Here's to the next ten thousand posts! Whoop!

To mark this auspicious event, I think I'll do a really quick giveaway. Leave a comment below about anything you like, and I will select 10 random Moosers to get a FREE Bargainmoose keychain (pictured above right). NO-ONE yet owns one of these keychains, so you will be one of the privileged few!

Canadian entrants only, closes 1st June 2012.

(Above contest now closed to new entries. Winners were Grayce, Danielle, joy, Jan, Lucie, Christina, Lorna, Robyn, Tenille, Theresa)


  • Eddie
    Congrats Anna. That's quite an accomplishment. Keep up the good work.
  • Trun
    Congratulations! You're doing great work and have introduced me to so many companies and ideas that have made my life so much better (and thriftier!).
  • Steve A.
    Anna, Congratulations, I know how hard it is to keep running a successful blog but my favorite is seeing the great graphics that you always seem to create.
  • Jenn S.
    Thank you for the 10 000 posts, you have saved me so much money over the years! I love it!
    • jenny
      saved me a bunch of money too!!!
  • Suhaib
    congrats on the achievement. keep it going
  • Jeff
    Congratulations! Glad I found your site :-)
  • anna
    congrats! i love reading your site and all the blog posts too!
  • Sam A.
    way to go to reach this great milestone....may bargain moose conquer more and more milestones.....thanks for all the help in shopping better with lots of savings from great brands and may this venture reach new heights in the coming years......thanks for making canadians better shoppers.....good luck and tc.......
  • jenny
    congratulations Anna. I visit bargainmoose a few times a day! What I love about this site is that it's constantly being updated...keep up the great work!
  • Rebecca
    Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment, and yet just the beginning. I LOVE bargainmoose.ca ad check the site on a daily basis... sometimes more than once a day. I also add posts whenever I see a deal that needs to be shared.
  • Darcy
    Great job to everyone involved with keeping this site going! It has given me a lot of tips and I am on this site daily. Thanks again!
  • Beagle
    Great anniversary! Looking forward to the next 10k run.
  • chrissy
    thank u all for everything you have definitely saved me lots of money and provided me with lots of enjoyment and anticipation when cheking my mail boxes!! i love the freebies!!
  • Maria
    Four years, wow. Good for you. I stumbled on the site about 3 years ago, read about it somewhere else, and been back to visit everyday since. The day wouldn't be the same without it.
  • Grayce
    Checking out your site has been fun! Keep up the great work!
  • kim
    Congratulations on this milestone! The first email I check every morning, and then again each nite. Not only enjoy the deals, but also the information you provide as well. Here's to another 10,000 posts! Keep up the good work, Kim
  • Danielle
    Congratulations Bargain Moose!! I love your website and thank you to everyone that shares freebies, coupons and deals :)
  • Deirdre
    Way to go Bargain Moose!!! Thanks for everything!!
  • jennifer r.
    congratulations! you have done amazing things for so many people!
  • DianeH
    Congratulations! Here's to 10K more. Bargain Moose is how I start my day.
  • joy
    I first discover Bargainmoose 3 years ago when I did a Google search for Michael's Coupons. SInce then it has become a daily habit (actually several times daily) to check and see what deals you have posted. Thanks for helping us to save loads of money but also to be smarter shoppers!!
  • Media
    I check bargain moose every day and there is always something for every body. I used the bulk barn coupon couple of times and it saved me quite slot. Thank you, and wish you all the best in future, looking forward for more savings.
  • sandra
    Congrats on a job well done!!!
  • Jan
    Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone at Bargain Moose! Bargain Moose has certainly saved me many $$ and l allowed me to enjoy some great freebies too! The best part is letting other friends know about your great deals as well! Thanks Bargain Moose! Keep up the amazing work that you do! Enjoy your next 10K!!
  • UncleStuart
    Really enjoy the site. I look forward to seeing it every morning in my RSS feeds.
  • Revblonde
    Congratulations Anna! Quite an accomplishment! I love bargainmoose and your app. I use it daily and you've saves me a ton of $$. :) Many thanks and I wish you all the success in the future.
  • Cathleen
    Congratulations! I spent so long "trying on" different Canadian deals websites, forums, etc, and never found one I liked enough to stick with... until bargainmoose!! Love it, thank you. Btw, I'm typing this while in McDonald's, having just finished a bagel breakfast sandwich. Half price, which I only knew because I heard it from you! : )
    • Anna W.
      Hee Hee - A mooser in McDonalds! Nice one :)
  • Christina
    YEY! Congrats! I found this site by chance and have not stopped talking about it since, I have most of my family hooked and have even been into Coles Book Store and have told the girls there about the Kobo Coupons!! You must be extremely excited and a whole lot proud of your accomplishment! Way to go!!
  • Brandy
    Congrats! Bargainmoose is awesome and the first place I go to, to look for deals!
  • Norine
    That's incredible and congratulations! I've enjoyed many years of exploring your bargains. Thank you. :)
  • Lucie
    I appreciate all the deals I got through your site. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
  • Monica
    Congratulations! Love your site and look forward each day to reading all the posts.
  • katama381
    Wow--10,000 posts!!!! What a milestone. Congrats to you and your team. On behalf of myself and my fellow BargainMoosers I want to thank you for a job well done and for helping us save money everyday.
  • Lisa
    Congratulations! Checking your emails is a daily ritual - I also enjoy the comments other reader post.
  • Jen
    Yay :) Congratulations
  • Lorna
    congrats on your accomplishment and as I read you everyday to help me save money here to to 10,000 more upward and onward thanks for all your hard work
  • judy
    you have saved me alot of money thanks!!!!
  • Nancy M.
    Congratulations on your amazing milestone! I am a true BargainMoosers! Good luck on your next 10,000 posts...
  • Ruby H.
    congratulations on your accomplishment and keep up the great work (this is one awesome site)!!
  • olliedar
    Wow, that is quite an accomplishment. Have been recommending this site to all my friends. It is a great way to save a few extra hard earned $$$! Thanks for a job well done. Hope you are celebrating with a really big cake!
    • Anna W.
      Recommending Bargainmoose to your friends is the absolutely best way you can help us to grow - thanks so much everyone!
  • Betty
    Congrats guys and thank you for all you do!!
  • Sandra V.
    congratulations thanks
  • Robyn
    Congratulations! This blog is fantastic - I have found so many great deals here. Keep up the great work!
  • odarby
    Congrats...have found many new websites that I have been able to rack up interest on for Visa
  • Neenerz
    Congrats! and Thanks! This blog and website have been a very useful tool for me over the years!
  • Jeannette
    Hey there, your site is the first one I read when checking my emails. Over time, I've received many freebies, coupon deals, and information on the hottest sales. Thank you so much. I hope you have many more years of success!
  • AMacD
    Congratulations! You have saved a lot of people a lot of money. Thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated! :)
  • natalie d.
    Bargain Moose, I'm proud to say I've been with you for a number of years. Way to Go!!! and thanks for all the great deals, and info!
  • Rachel
    Congrats.. Anna & friends Love your website & have told many friends about it... Have found some great deals on it :=)
  • Joanne
    Pick me! I love your newsletters and I share your deals with all my friends.
  • Theresa
    love love love this site!! I would love to own a piece of Bargain Moose!!!
  • Aastha
    Wow - congrats Bargainmoose..!! :)
  • Jen
    Thank you Bargainmoose for keeping my thrifty self thoroughly informed!
  • Amanda
    Congratulations on 10,000 great posts! =)
  • Tenille D.
    Love Bargainmoose, check it everyday! Congratulations.
  • Ld
    New to Bargainmoose and loving it. Look forward to daily updates and more!
  • Lorna
    thanks so very much

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