The Karaoke Channel Canada: $19.95 For Ultimate Karaoke Kit W/ Star Membership

The Karaoke Channel Canada has their Ultimate Karaoke Kit for on $19.95 when you become a Star member.  There are other options available including a free trial offer with an unlimited trial period.

The kit includes 1 USB vocal mixer and 2 microphones featuring volume control and echo effects.

System requirements are:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP, Mac OS X
  • Web browser with Adobe flash player
  • USB port
  • External computer speakers or headphones
  • Internet connection
  • CD-Rom drive (for CD products only)

You can actually try the karaoke channel free with 51 songs for an unlimited trial period. There is also the Shining Star option for $4.95 which is billed once, and allows you access to 8,226 songs for 48 hours. The Rising Star is $9.95 and gives you 8,226 songs for a month and is billed each month until you cancel. The Superstar gives you access to all songs for 1 year and is billed each year until you cancel.

Pick a star membership and get the karaoke kit for $19.95, or you can choose to just get the kit for $29.95 as a non-member. You can even download the songs you would like and create your own karaoke library.

This is pretty cool: you can download to your computer or  TV with the app for TV’s connected to the internet, or even a video on demand service from television providers.  If you’d like, you can even get karaoke with your smart phone by choosing the On Demand mobile karaoke available through mobile carriers.

Check out the website, watch the videos. It’s a ton of fun if you like karaoke.

Shipping: Shipped from US, $9.95 for shipping and handling.

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