Napster Free Trial: Get 30 Days Free Music Downloads!


There's a Napster coupon code which gets you a free Napster 30 day trial, instead of the regular 7 day evaluation period! That's more than quadruple the freebie! You can download and listen to as much music as you want in the 30 day period.

Click here for your free 30 day Napster trial

  • Coupon Code: NTGCRECA07
  • Discount: Free 30 day trial

Now, apparently this coupon code only works on, not on any of the other domains. When you click through to, you'll see a little image on the right hand side which says "Napster cards & promo codes," and you click the "redeem" button. This automatically starts the Napster download and you can enter the promo code on the first page of registration.

Just a point to note: if you decide not to continue on with the subscription after your 30 day Napster trial is over, you do not get to keep the music.


  • justine
    napster is still around?
  • Anna
    Yeah! I remember first hearing about them years ago, it must have been about 1998?? My boyfriend of the time was in love with Napster and all the free music he could get his grubby little hands on!
  • Nat
    Napster's still around and they don't like Mac users. :(
  • septh
    love the good tunes of today and yesterday
  • Kyle
    THIS PROMO CODE IS NO LONGER USABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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