Hozier Debut Album just 99¢ @ Google Play


Hozier is a new artist with a BIG following due to his hit single "Take Me to The Church." If you are a fan and want to wet your teeth on more Hozier, then pick up his entire debut album for just 99¢. The debut album is self-titled Hozier. 

iTunes Canada only has the bonus track version (two extra songs), which retails for $6.99. Just the regular album like Google Play is selling costs $7.99 if you were to buy a physical copy of of Amazon Canada. Given that the value of this album is around $7 to $8, I think just under a buck is pretty great.

If you calculate out the price per song, it works out to around 13¢ per song as there are 13 songs on the album. Both iTunes and Google Play usually charge $1.29 per song. In fact, that is what I paid for just the 'Take Me to the Church' song he released. That means I paid more for one song than the entire album will cost you now. Ouch.

I am not the only fan of this artist. The album has a 4.5/5 star rating with over 9,000 reviews on Google. One reviewer said:

Amazing presence... Hozier has an amazing vocal talent. I could listen to him all the time, love his style and the power in his voice. Real talent.

Yet another reviewer said:

Dark and soothing! He has a great voice and the lyrics are very fulfilling. Good to just sit and get lost into.

I completely agree. He is an amazing artist and his music is great to just close your eyes and chill out to while listening. I am really happy that this is Google Play's new 99¢ album of the week. I like that Google is choosing popular artists and popular albums instead of some unknown soul. While I do not mind being introduced to new soon-to-be favourites, I like great deals on the stuff I already know.

If you have never tried Hozier before... then check out some of his music videos on YouTube.

(Expiry: 7th August 2015)

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