Bargainmoose Contest: Win Skullcandy Aviator Headphones Worth $199.99!!

*** Contest now closed, Bargainmooser Linda is the winner! ***

(Final Bump) We've got a super prize to give away this week on Bargainmoose - it's a set of fantastic SkullCandy Aviator headphones in brown and gold (with mic) worth $199.99!! They're pictured in the image above - pretty cool! One lucky Bargainmooser will be able to listen to their rockin' tunes with these babies on their ears.

Description: Skullcandy’s Aviator headphones blend polycarbonate headphones cups, plush memory foam ear cushions, and premium materials previously only seen in high-fashion eyewear. Even better, they reproduce your music with superior clarity and fidelity. Any mix, any music, any destination—the Aviator delivers Skullcandy’s proprietary Supreme Sound technology with style. Aviator is the ultimate audio experience.

In my opinion, they sound fantastic, and I am actually wishing I could keep them for myself!

How to enter the contest:

  • Sign up to the email newsletters at
  • Leave a comment below to confirm subscription

The above link will take you to the Skullcandy Canada home page, and you will see the sign up box at the very bottom left of the page. Add your email address, click subscribe there. Just make sure you use the same email on there as you're using on Bargainmoose, so we can verify the winner.


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Winning email will be verified with Skullcandy's subscription records
  • Ends 6th July 2012
  • Admin's decision is final in all cases and contest is subject to change


  • megan
    OMG...I need these!! And BTW, skull candy and bargain moose is a killer combination.
  • Jason
  • Alexandra
    Just subscribed to the skullcandy newsletter. My brother would love those headphones, it would make an awesome present!
  • Emil
    nice site and i do love there gear the ear buds are great
  • Melinda
    I subscribed to the skullcandy newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity!
  • Tina
    Subscribed and hope I can win. :D
  • cindy
    subscribed as well. thanks for running all the awesome contests!
  • Scarlet
    Subscribed!!! A true fan of Bargainmoose!!!
  • Ashley
    Subscribed! Those headphones are sick!
  • Crystal W.
    I love Skull Candy, I subscribed, thanks so much!
  • Frugirl
    Subscribed! They make good quality headphones and earbuds! :)
  • Andre
    Signed Up! I LOVE Skullcandy =D
  • karen
    Just subscribed! Thanks for the great contest!
  • Shannon
    Subscribed! ;)
  • Maria
  • mesh
    Subscribed, would love to win, my current headphones are beginning to have transparent padding.
  • Jeanine
    Skullcandy’s Aviator headphones would be so cool to win!! I would end up sharing them with my hubby. If I didn't he may "borrow" them!!
  • Tracy
    Subscribed. Awesome product! :)
  • Mona S.
    I hope this time I'll be the winner because my 14 years old boy want to buy skullcandy but I can't offer hem for that price I have tree kids and my budget is very tight. Thanks so muchhhhhh.
  • Tammy
  • Kerry
  • janicour
    Signed up for Skullcandy....Have a great day!
  • angie
    great deal!!
  • Donnas
  • Cecilia
    Signed up!
  • Steven S.
    Subscripted, awesome headphones.
  • mcnamara
    All signed up. Love BargainMoose....
  • Jill
    signed up...I NEED these for work!! Music makes my day that much better.
  • sabrinalguay
    Subscribed! Thanks for running the contest!
  • Daniel
    These headphones are by far the best ones I have seen!! All the other brands have nothing on these! I NEED THESE!!!! And BTW Skullcandy + Bargainmoose = Winning Combination!
  • Penelope
    Subscribed. Thanks for the great contest.
  • Kelly S.
    I subscribed to Skullcandy !
  • Andy
    These are truly great headphones & the opportunity to win a free pair through Bargain Moose is just too big to pass up. Not to mention sharing these with my spouse & several friends who just love listening to music!
  • cher
    subscribed... my husband and son both have had skullcandy headphones/earbuds... they're great!! thanks!
  • Sandy
    Wow those are awesome headphones! Don't blame you for wanting to keep them but I would sure love to have them ;) Subscribed!
  • Betty C.
    Subscribed. My headphone just got busted~~ sure would be nice to have a new one~ !
  • Monica
    Subscribed! :D Can't wait omg
  • Chris O.
    Great headphones.
  • gooniesguy
    Signed up.. here's hoping :)
  • Mishieru
    Subscribed! They're so beautiful! My mp3 actually broke a while ago though, this should be inspiration enough to go get a new one :)
  • Jen C.
    subscribed, these are beautiful headphones! and i love skullcandy!
  • Lisa
    My husband just started playing guitar after not being able to play for 10+ years & he would love these! And so would I!
  • Jen S.
    subscribed. love love love these, and need them as mine just broke!
  • Cathy
    I have subscribed and I would love these...I have looked and looked at headphones and these are the best for me..I would just love these..Awesome!!!
  • Rebecca
    Subscribed! What an awesome prize!
  • Diane
    Subscribed! Have always wanted a pair of skullcandy earphones!
  • Josie
    These are awesome! I have signed up for the newsletter. Would love to win!
  • L
    Nice, I love Bargain Moose contests
  • Natalie M.
    I have subscribed and I hope I win these! :)
  • Emily
  • Kelly
    Subscribed! Thanks!
  • Carris
    Subscribed! I love Skullcandy.
  • Jamie
    Signed Up. Thank You
  • Tracey H.
    done and thank you!!
  • Gary T.
    I signed up! Thanks
  • Cyndi
    I subscribed! Thx
  • Anna
    Subscribed to Skullcandy emails
  • Bal
    Subscribed and would love a pair of headphones!
  • dmacaula
  • claudia m.
    signed up!
  • Mike G.
  • Deborah B.
  • ThatCanadiankid
  • Marn
    Subscribed! Thanks!
  • Rainne
    I have subscribed! Love bargains!
  • CalgaryCaper
    Subscribed! Thanks for the contest!
  • Amanda
    Great contest! Awesome headphones =)
  • 3rifty
    Subscribed. BargainMooooooose! Thank you.
  • michael
    skullcandy - Nice!
  • Karen S.
    I subscribed to Skullcandy. Thanks!
  • Dalila V.
    Subscribed! Thanks!!!
  • Zeth
    subscribed!! Thankssssssssssssssssss!! =)
  • Linda
    I subscribed! Thank you.
  • Crafty501
    Signed up - thanks for offering such a terrific prize!
  • ellerie
    Signed up-thanks!
  • Amanda M.
  • jamesc
  • Heidi C.
    Subscribed. Good luck to all and thx for the fun contest!
  • Christina
    Subscribed!! :)
  • Maqt
    Subscribed! So long, only item on my to-do list today!
  • Farinaz
  • Trina S.
    All signed up! Thank You for the chance to win!!
  • Laura
    Subscribed! Thanks for the contest!
  • Theresa
    Sweet!! Would love these!! Sub-Scribed!!
  • Karla S.
    Im subscribed to their emails ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • cindydawson
    signed up!
  • ravefirell
    Just subscribed! ^o^ Hehe~ this event is awesome! Thanks for this opportunity. (:
  • Aastha
    Done - thanks!!! :)
  • Anna
    Subbed! Thanks! :)
  • imi
    I subsscribed. Thanks
  • Fay. H.
    subscribed as FayFey Thanks!
  • Khanny
    subscribed..thx !
  • raelynn281
    Happy Canada Day!
  • Monica
    Subscribed! :D Happy Canada Day!
  • Angelina A.
    I subscribed! My son would LOVE these :)
  • Nikki
  • Treina
    Subscribed :)
  • Susan
    Subscribed...fingers crossed!
  • Lily
    I'm subscribed! :-)
  • Matthew
    Subscribed! Sweet headphones, would love them. :)
  • Lorri-Ann
    Subscribed! Would love these!
  • Lucie
    Totally cool, I want one of those! Reminds me of my teenage years...
  • Mike
    Subscribed. They look awesome!! :)
  • Janice
    Would love to win these! Allready signed up to Skullcandy emails!
  • Kevin
    Boy, could I use a set of headphones! These would be awesome!
  • holly
  • Deborah B.
    Subscribed. Would love these headphones!
  • Sue
    Subscribed. I really love the retro feel of those earphones! :)
  • Bill
    Love their product.
  • Ruby S.
  • Bill
    I subscribed to the Skullcandy newsletter
  • Ronni
    Subscribed. I've heard these are amazing headphones :)
  • Nella
    Would love these for my son. He's been wanting skull candy earphones/headphones for a long time.
  • Stacie
    Subscribed! Thank you!
  • Kaila B.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
  • Monica
    Subscribed! :D Thanks! I hope I get lucky!
  • Alanna C.
    Subscribed.... and thanks for the giveaway!!
  • Alanna
    Subscribed and thanks for the giveaway!
  • Barb
    I've signed up for their newsletter! Hope I can win those awesome headphones!
  • Violet
    I have been asking my boyfriend for skullcandy earphones for 3 years.If I win them maybeI can finally drown out his voice...
  • Benita
    Subscribed! My son would LOVE these!
  • jonnybakes
    Done. And done! Would love these.
  • Marryam B.
    Subscribed to their newsletter, would love to win these!
  • Tanya p.
    Subscribed ... would LOVE to win these!
  • Linda P.
    already subscribed and would love these, thanks
  • Melli
    already subscribed :)
  • LMD
    Subscribed to email newsletter. Love the colour of those headphones!
  • Mark C.
    Great contest, subscribed and hoping!
  • Steve A.
    Subscribed, would be nice to win for ferry trips!
  • Wendy
    I'm subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks!
  • Suzanne
    Subscribed....these look amazing!
  • drShakes
    Subscribed. Somebody's lucky day.
  • cindy
    subscribed already. these headphones look awesome!
  • Deborah V.
    I just subscribed to the newsletter at SkullCandy. I'm sure hoping to hear from Bargain Moose!
  • leah
    I subscribed! I so need a pair of these, I only buy skullcandy headphones.
  • brandon
    I subscribed, great giveaway!
  • TonyE
    Subscribed, nice headphones.....
  • Wenice
    Subscribed. Would love to try on these headphones.
  • Bluebelle
    Subscribed. These are the best!
  • adamvan2000
    I subscribed. I love my skull candy earbuds.
  • Jason
    Thanks fingers crossed
  • Suzanne
    I subscribed. My son would love these headphones,
  • Ling
    Subscribed. Just broke my old earphones, would love to have these.
  • Raz
    Could always use a new pair of phones.
  • Trina
    All signed up and would LOVE to win these awesome phones!!!
  • Jess
    Subscribed - love these headphones!
  • Ricardo
    Done done done!
  • peepsi16
    People swear by these, would like to try em for myself!

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