HMV Canada: DVD Trade-In Deal


If you have any old DVDs gathering dust, there's an opportunity to do a bit of a deal with HMV Canada, for upgrading your collection! For any DVD which you trade in, you will get a $5 credit towards the purchase of a specially stickered blu-ray movie.

Some points about the promotion:

  • 1 DVD trade-in = $5 discount towards a specially stickered blu-ray title
  • 1 DVD trade-in per blu-ray purchase
  • Boxsets credited as 1 trade-in
  • HMV reserves right to refuse trade-in
  • 400 blu-ray titles to choose from

From the above T&Cs, it's clear that HMV have the final choice as to whether to accept your trade-in or not. But, if you are hoping to build up your blu-ray collection, then it's worth a shot!

This info was taken from an in-store flyer, and the deal is due to start on the 10th of January, and runs right through to the 27th February 2010. Let us know how you get on!


  • Jeremie
    Well, how I can explain? I think this offer is a "scam". You paid your dvd 15-20$ each, you receive 5$ with giving you dvd if your buy a blu-ray movie. HMV's price is soooo high in compararison of amazon and many other online stores. By exemple : district 9 = 32,99$ on hmv (less 5 bucks = 27,99$ district 9 = 22$ on my 2 cents :P
  • Anna
    Thanks for your opinion jeremie, but calling it a scam is totally inappropriate. It's not going to be good for every single movie, the savvy Bargainmoosers know they have to do their research to get the best deal. If you have a DVD lying round that you will never watch again, does it matter how much you paid for it? When you see how much you are going to pay for the new blu-ray movie, you could nip online and do a quick price comparison to make sure you are getting a good deal. I agree that it won't be a great deal for every movie they're selling, and it depends on what you are trading in too. But it is worth pointing out the offer so people can decide if they want to take advantage of it or not.
    • Jeremie
      yeah for "scam" it's inappropriate, i'm sorry I didn't have another word for that. So...98% of deals of are really cool! :O)
  • Dave
    As someone who shops hmv, futureshop,bestbuy and online I could not disagree more with Jeremie I would suggest you go into an hmv store and see how close their pricing is to other retailers on brd. I have over 100 BRD in my collection so far and over half have come from hmv. Their NR product is almost always cheaper than the other shops if you pick them up on the tuesday that they come out. I also want the special edition brd and hmv always have an exclusive version that most times is much better than what I find online If you read the details you would see that this offer applies to OVER 400 titles. I used this offer the last time hmv offered it in the summer and was able to find many wanted titles that they had the deal available for and the retail was only $9.99 or $14.99 which with the trade in brought the cost to under $10 HMV used to be know for their high prices but I would suggest you go visit one of their stores to find out how wrong you are
    • Anna
      Thanks for the balanced views Dave.
  • Jack
    I'm not happy with this promotion...I went to HMV today with my DVD and the intent to buy THE BOONDOCK SAINTS BLU-RAY that on Sunday was 15.00. Today it was 20.00 so with the promotion what savings am I getting ???!!! All the BLURAYS that were 15.00 on Sunday were now 20.00 ??? What a savings for me. Just money in the pockets for HMV.
  • exolstice
    Yep, it's true. All (or most of) the eligible titles have seen a $5 price increase since the promotion has been in effect. So really, you're paying the same price as before and giving HMV some DVDs as a bonus.
  • Anna
    Aw :( Well I was sticking up for them, and not to judge the promo until it was active. Guess it was a cold deal after all :(
  • Mark
    Got Jarhead BRD for 10 bucks after rebate. There are some that are good deals. Gotta know where to look.
  • Kip
    Actually when I sell my dvds I determine the price based on rarity and value and market price. I went to HMV and brought in 10 dvds to sell them, I showed them my collectors price booklet that lists all the prices of dvds based on market value and out of print status. Some dvds I was asking 40 dollars and the looked at me like I was trying to rip them off instead of the other way around. I sold the dvds on ebay and got the price I wanted. HMV is a scam and way overpriced.

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