Entertainment Book For $15! (Free Restaurant Coupons)

The May deal is up and running for The Canadian Entertainment Book! You can purchase your copy for only $14.99, and that includes free shipping!

If you haven’t heard of Entertainment books, I’ll tell you a wee bit about them. You can buy an entertainment book for specific cities, e.g. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, etc. Inside the coupon book, you will find a load of special offers, and restaurant coupons, such as buy 1 get 1 free offers, or percentage discounts.

On their website, you can check out the offers in the chosen city, see if there are any restaurants you enjoy eating at. As well as deals on eating out in the coupon books, there are also attraction coupons and travel discounts.

I reckon that even if you only use the Entertainment Book once or twice, it will have paid for itself with the amount you save on eating out!

A friend of mine bought this coupon book last month, and has used it a few times in his city. He states it has MORE than paid for itself, so it’s well worth the fifteen bucks!! I recommend you think about how often you eat out, and work out if it is worth buying the discount book. Even if you only eat out once a month, then it would still be worth it.

One point to note is that it goes down in price a dollar or two every month, as the coupon book only lasts until December this year.

Remember, if you are a DealGuild member, you can also save yourself $4 on this deal with free cashback!


  • Tasha
    Thank you for this one, I have ordered one for the hubby and me
  • JoeBo
    Ordered too. Great deal for me. thanks.

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