Disney Movie Rewards Canada: Free* Blu-Ray DVD


This has been floating around a few forums and I figured it would be nice for our readers to be in on it, as free DVDs are nice (especially Blu-rays).

Evidently Disney Movie Rewards is giving away free* DVDs this October, marking their 4th anniversary. To be elliagble you have to have entered 2 or more Blu-Ray or DVD Magical Codes by September 30, 2010... so you have a month people! As long as you have entered 2 magical codes from eligible Disney Blu-ray or DVDs in the last 12 months you should be eligible.

The movies you get to choose from so far are:

Once you have qualified you will receive an email during October to claim your FREE* Blu-ray.

Now, all the FREE words are asterix-ed because shipping is not included. Now don't freak: I got a free* blu-ray from Disney Rewards for my birthday and shipping was around $4, which is really a minor amount... and you are getting a Blu Ray!

I am posting this ahead of time because this gives you one month to enter your Magic Codes and make sure you qualify for your free* DVD!

I am lucky I already have my Alice in Wonderland magic code and National Treasure (birthday DVD) code in so I'm all set!

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  • Steve Z.
    I don't have a blu-ray player - do they have regular DVDs?

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