Comixology: Executive Assistant Comics on Sale for 99 cents (Save 50%)

I've known at least one Executive Assistant who could also have easilly been an Assassin. Just sayin'...

First off, let's talk about the deal. As is the norm with Comixology they don't include the original prices in their sales. I did a bit of looking around and it seems like most of the comics by Aspen Comics, the company who does the Executive Assistant comics, are priced around $1.99. The comics on sale are all $0.99 which means you are likely getting them at 50% off. Not a bad deal!

So the comics themselves look really interesting. There are actually five separate series available here totalling 23 comics. The basic premise of the comics is that these businessmen have Executive Assistants that are also their personal assassins and body guards.

Three of the series are only three comics each and there is one that is thirteen books. It seems that each of those were of a set length and are now ended. The last series is just called Executive Assistant Assassins and is supposedly an ongoing series, the first of the Executive Assistants comics. There is only one issue right now but it only came out in August. This might actually be a push to get people hooked so they buy the second book in the new series.

I'm really digging the premise of these comics and I think I'll pick up a couple of the three book series and, if I like what I see, I'll certainly grab the first in the new series.. Oh, just incase you were wondering, the Assistants are all women, so if you're easily enraged by the advancement of a heteronormative structure, you might want to steer clear. Fair warning.

(Expires: 16th September 2012,  11:00PM ET in North America, local evening times in other regions)

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