Comixology: 99 Cents Sale on New X-Men Volume 2!

Comixology is at it again bringing you an entire series of comics for only 99 cents an issue. If you like X-Men, why not check out the new breed of mutants and do it for cheap?

I know I say up there and you are fully welcome to buy and read your comics on the site but the best way is to get them on your Android or iOS device, especially a tablet. I'll get into that later though. Let's talk about the comics.

Comixology never puts their before prices but I did some looking around and I believe that these issues were $1.99 before the sale. That's a 50% sale and that's awesome. The series itself seems to be a new beginnings sort of thing where a couple of X-Men take in some new mutants and train them. I've never read these but it seems like they may skew to a younger audience (when has that stopped you from geeking out over the latest issue of anything?) so it looks like the internal squabbling between the students is a key theme. I read over some of the characters and there are some pretty cool soundinh mutants in here. I just spent a bunch of money on comics on a previous Comixology sale so I'm not looking for anything new right now but if I was, I'd be checking this out.

I mentioned right off the top that the best way to consume Comixology is on a tablet. The experience is just so natural. I find reading it on the computer is a little strange. Part of the comic experience for me has always been huddling over the book or throwing yourself down on the couch with the comic and a snack. Even pulling the comic out in a waiting room or on your break at work. A tablet really lets you get that same experience but without the stigma of being a 27-year old with a career who is sitting in the lunch room reading the latest Green Lantern comic. Win-Win.

(Expires: 21st September 2012, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evenings elsewhere)

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