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Guys, It's A Thumb Book Holder! Now $5!

Do you know any avid readers? This may be one of the most perfect Mother's Day gifts that I have seen. If you read personally, then you are probably familiar with the hand cramp that comes from holding the book open for too long. You can get this Wooden Thumb Book Holder on sale from $14.90 USD ($19.10 CDN) down to just $4.90 USD ($6.28 CAD) right now at Shipping is just $5 whether you order one Thumb Book Holder or twenty.

I just started reading the Outlander series, and I am in love. But I get those horrible hand cramps which forces me to put down my book and it always seems to happen at the most riveting parts. Really into this Wooden Thumb Book Holder—which was designed to prevent thumb cramps!

There are even a few different colour options available if you want to get one for you and your hubby but don't want him stealing yours... ;) The colours available are:

  • nature—pure
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • chocolate

You will only pay $5 USD for shipping also. So you can quite literally order one thumb book holder or twenty and pay the same shipping cost. If you have anyone else that reads often, this would be a great little gift for them. At this price, you shouldn't be hit with any duties at your door (unless you order over $20 CAD worth).

Do you suffer from hand-cramp while reading? It's a thing right?!

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