EvyMama Canada Discount: 75% Off June & Dane Collection Of Maternity Clothes

28 February 2014


EvyMama has released a deal so amazing, that you surely won't believe your eyes! During a couple of days only, you can save 75% on the entire June & Dane collection of maternity clothes!

Click here to browse the June & Dane collection @ EvyMama.ca now

  • Coupon code: 75winter
  • Discount: 75% off
  • Expiry: 2nd March 2014

Speaking from experience, I can definitely tell you that maternity clothes are a blessing in disguise. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I tried to get away with looping an elastic around the buttonhole of my jeans and while I somewhat got away with it for a maybe a week, the extreme discomfort pushed me to splurge on a full-priced pair of jeans from Thyme Maternity. Not the most ideal situation, I know, especially since I don't usually buy anything if I can't get a discount, but desperate times called for desperate measures!

All this to say though, that if you're pregnant or wanting a child, then maternity wear is absolutely essential. Wearing your significant others' clothes is nice and all but sometimes it's nice to feel pretty as well. Here are just some of the jaw-dropping deal you can expect to see, but there are plenty more:

If you spot something you like from any other collection, then make sure to use the EvyMama discount code on our forums to save 60% off your purchase.  As for shipping, although you can have your order shipped for free to two of their stores, shipping fees start at about $12, depending on the option you choose.

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