Stokes Canada: Buy 1, Get The 2nd Half Price

Buy one, get the second one half price on all dinnerware, drinkware, cutlery and linen at Stokes Canada, both online and in-stores.

After doing my Spring cleaning on all my kitchen cupboards, I came to a few important conclusions. First, I have way too much tupperware and I don't know where it has been hiding. Every morning I do the mad scramble trying to find the right size containers to pack my kids' lunches in and I am always left washing them (by hand - the horror!) before I can pack their lunch five minutes before the bus arrives. Now that it is neatly placed in its own spot in the cupboards, I realize I have about 5000 pieces of tupperware and about 7000 lids. Until tomorrow that is, when it will all be lost again.

My second conclusion is that all of my good drinking glasses are chipped. This could be because I have a phobia of doing dishes by hand, or it could be the chip fairy has been slowly working away at chipping my wine glasses. I think I'll go with the first.

And the last conclusion is that we have all of three spoons in our entire collection. Against my better judgement, I had been sending the kids to school with our good cutlery spoons for their yogurts, because all of theirs have been lost. Well, now all of mine are lost too and we have no spoons! In all of these observations, my final conclusion is that I need to get some new glasses and a new set of cutlery. Now seems to be the time and I can even get an extra set at half price.

I have said before that I love Reidel wine glasses and these Pinot Noir glasses are already on sale. Get a set of four for only $39.98, regularly $51.99. Add the set of four Porto wine glasses for half the sale price, now only $18.99, regularly $47.99.

This Claro 20pc cutlery set is already on sale for only $15.98, regularly $29.99. Get two sets, since you know you are going to need to, and the second set is only $7.99!

Shipping is free on orders over $75.

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