KD Will Never Be The Same Again! Smart Planet Electric Mac N Cheese @ London Drugs

For Kids Who Love Mac N Cheese! $20

What are some of the things you add to your KD? We like to use a can of cream of mushroom soup in ours. We don't use the margarine or milk, but we do use the KD cheese packet! (We also use those packets on popcorn, after pouring hot melted butter over it.) The reason I'm thinking of KD is that I saw this Electric Mac N Cheese maker on the London Drugs website. Did you know these existed? I didn't! Best of all, it's on sale for half price - $25 from $50.

While it seems at first glance like it could be a tad gimmicky, it really isn't. It can be a bit time consuming to stir the dry macaroni into boiling water, and keep stirring it for up to 10 min. or so. Emptying the pot into a colander messes up another bowl, and is a bit risky as you're dealing with hot boiling water that appears to be as hot as lava when the steam from the pot runs up your arm as you are stirring the pot. You do not have to drain this Electric Mac N Cheese, apparently. I don't know what kind of magic is in there, but it sounds good to me.

The Smart Planet Electric Mac N Cheese has a stirring handle outside of the pot, so while it could still get a bit warm as steam escapes, it won't be nearly as hot as the influx of steam while cooking it over the stove.

I am thinking this would be an ideal gift for someone who loves Mac N Cheese, either KD style or homemade. A person could make it from the box, or, they could follow a recipe and make it from scratch.

If you know someone who loves Mac N Cheese, you should totally get this for them, I bet it would make their day!

Shipping on this item starts at around $7.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)

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