Nespresso Prodigio Bluetooth Espresso Machine $260 with Code + Free Shipping @ Sears

Brew Coffee with an App!

For die-hard lovers of both coffee and sleeping in, Nespresso has invented your new best friend. If the Jetsons had coffee makers, they would have been like this Nespresso Prodigio that's just been released.

By downloading the Nespresso app, you can brew delicious coffee without getting up. You can brew immediately with a tap of your phone or schedule a brewing time for the morning. The smart features also allow you to receive alerts about your capsule stock, low water and any maintenance or descaling the unit may need.

After brewing, the capsules are ejected into a little storage container for recycling so there's even minimal clean up involved.

The price for the ultimate in coffee convenience is comparable to a non-smart feature machine at $269.99 but use code 941612566 to take 10 off! It doesn't seem to be widely available yet but, at Sears, as it's over $49, you'll also get free shipping!

What do you think, Moosers? Is the price worth brewing your coffee in bed?

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