Home Outfitters: KitchenAid Cookware Sets Only $99.99


This week at Home Outfitters all KitchenAid Cookware sets are only $99.99! This sale goes through November 4, 2010. These sets usually cost between $199.99 and $249.99 so you are saving a decent chunk of money. Depending on your store, selection will change.

When my husband and I were making our registry up we found that Home Outfitters had some of the best prices on cookware, they were $200 better than The Bay on this one set we had on our registry (if you can believe that.. it was shocking!) KitchenAid is a  household brand when it comes to kitchen appliances, I wonder what their cookware is like?


  • Sandra
    I subscribe to Bargain Moose Email and seem to get the deals one day late. is there a reason for this? Today is November 1st and I just got the Ads for Oct 31st. There have been a few times when deals have only been good for one day and I miss them because I get the Email one day late. perhaps someone can explain why? or fix the problem please? Thanks
    • Anna
      Sandra, the email only goes out once every 24 hours. No matter when I choose to send it, it means that if you rely on the email updates, you are going to miss out on some of best deals, as they may only last a few hours, or even a day. I recommend you stop by Bargainmoose a few times a day and check out the deals.
  • Leslie
    we LOVE our kitchenaid cookware set, it is all stainless steel which i love because it cleans up just as nice as the day we purchased it, and cooks very even. We too had it on our registry years ago, but decided to buy it ourselves becasue the price was so cheap! $699.99 and Home Outfitters had it on for $199.99. It looks just as nice as the day we bought it and with no glass lids, our kids cant break them! win win! I would definately recommend the all stainless steel kitchenaid cookware set to anyone, its a greaqt investment!

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