Pizza Scissors With Server Now $9 @ Chapters

Pizza Scissors Now $9

Why do we struggle with knives and circular pizza cutters that don't cut through the bottom crust, or even make it all the way to the edge of the pizza? The pizza cutting struggle is real... I'm tired of ripping pizza slices apart with my bare hands when it hasn't been properly cut. You know what I mean?

Chapters Indigo has the perfect solution to cutting pizza - pizza scissors with server! They're on sale for $9, down from $28.

I need these pizza scissors, so I can do it right! I love trying new kitchen tools and this is just the thing to have on hand for serving up home made pizza.

You know how it's difficult to cut through cheese with knives and circular pizza cutters? These pizza scissors will make ease of cutting that long chewy cheese string. The stainless steel blade provides a sharp cutting edge, and the nylon base is safe on non-stick pans and won't scratch pizza pans.

Shipping is free if your order is over $25, or will start at around $7. You may also select the free in-store pickup option.

Looking for a colour with more PIZZAzz? AliExpress is offering random coloured pizza scissors for $10.28 USD, with free shipping, through AliExpress seller Facesmile Fondant Decorating. (Just enter 'pizza scissors' into the search box that shows up in the link above, and select the ones that seller Facesmile Fondant Decorating is selling, for $10.28 USD.) These ones will ship from overseas and the wait time is expected to be from 39 - 59 days.

(Deal expiry: Unknown)

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